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Download the game 'PUBG: New State' on Android

Download the game 'PUBG New State' on Androuid

Download the game 'PUBG: New State' on Android

  The current year 2021 was just beginning when we learned that there was a new PUBG game in the oven, a game that honors its core as a battle royale title and will hit digital stores on November 11, something they have strictly adhered to.  Precision.  The chosen title, "PUBG: New State," and with it came the promise of a future setting to take the fight to 2051.

  The game, which has been running for a few weeks in some select countries, has finally arrived in Spain and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store without much problems, as it is still free to play just like the original game.  The franchise is moving into the future and bringing with it some improvements, such as an "anti-cheat" system to prevent some players from artificially gaining an advantage.

  Following the bottom line of all battle royale games, PUBG maintains its core although this time it takes the combat into the future.  It will be in the year 2051 where we will have to fight against 99 other players to see who is the one who is left standing and wins every match.  But in "New State" there are quite a few improvements, most of them focused on the fee department.

  With PUBG: New State, we get a game where scenarios change as we move into the future, but we also have better graphics overall.  Its creators spoiled aspects such as lighting and textures to raise the overall level of the game which is already well done and worked in very diverse configurations.

  Not everything is Fortnite and PUBG: 11 Battle Royale game for Android and iOS

  In addition to the graphic development, PUBG: New State comes with new mechanics in the style of new ways to dodge bullets and attacks, the ability to summon (and shop for) drones and also new vehicles to move around on the map in a faster way.  We will also be able to customize weapons, and upon launch, we have four maps.  Its creators promise regular updates with new content, so everything will be constantly evolving.

  In order to play "PUBG: New State" on Android, we will need at least 2GB of RAM, have support for at least OpenGL 3.1 or Vulkan 1.1 and have Android 6.0 or higher.  The title is still "free" with purchases inside, always voluntary, and we can download it from the Google Play Store from now on.