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 Disconnect my phone from Wi-Fi

Disconnect my phone from Wi-Fi

  Nowadays, we all live in constant communication, which is why when the phone gets disconnected from Wi-Fi, it can be annoying all the time.  Some people may agree and some don't.  But the truth is that we are connected all the time and we cannot separate ourselves from our mobile devices, and for these devices to be truly useful, they must be connected to the internet.

  Disconnect your mobile phone from Wi-Fi

  So when we face a problem like this that our phone is constantly disconnecting from Wi-Fi, it becomes very annoying because we can't do anything at all.  How can we fix it?  That's what we'll see a little more below.

  Internet problems

  Obviously, we'll have to start with the simplest explanation: Internet problems.  In this case it is not our fault or the fault of the phone or the router;  It's simply our internet provider is down.

  In these cases, it is advisable to wait a bit to check if it comes back.  If you do not, we recommend that you contact your Internet service provider to find out and submit the corresponding claim.

  Router not working

  In the event that there are no issues with our provider, it may be a Wi-Fi router.  Like many devices, a router can also start to fail.  In these cases, a restart can be a very effective solution.

  Several devices connected to the network

  Nowadays, it is quite normal for many devices to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.  But the thing people don't know is that routers often have limits on the number of devices that can be connected at the same time.

  If we recently added new devices to Wi-Fi and since then we started having problems, we already know why;  It may be a sign of maxing out on your router.

  Unfortunately, the method for fixing it is very variable and depends on the manufacturer of the router in question.

  Interference with other devices

  Many devices can interfere with a Wi-Fi network.  From cordless phones, televisions, microwaves, and above all, Bluetooth devices.  If the router is near one of these devices, it could be the culprit.

  The solution here would be to change the channel we use for the router.  Apps like WiFi Analyzer on iPhone and Android allow us to see what channels we are using and configure the router in a different device.

  Too far from the internet source

  The location of the router will have a huge impact on the performance of the Wi-Fi network.  Walls and objects in between can interfere and affect the network signal quality.  If we are too far away, the device may be constantly connected and disconnected.

  In this case, the ideal situation is to place the router so that it is in the center of our house.  This way, it will have the same access to every corner of the house and we will not lose the signal anywhere.