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BBVA Adds Ethereum (ETH) to Cryptocurrency Services

 BBVA Adds Ethereum (ETH) to Cryptocurrency Services

BBVA Adds Ethereum (ETH) to Cryptocurrency Services

  BBVA, one of the largest banks in Europe, recently announced that it will expand its offering of cryptocurrency trading services by adding Ethereum (ETH) to its suite of services in Switzerland.

  BBVA Switzerland now offers Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for its services

  This wonderful addition will allow the institution to offer its private banking clients a new offer that will give them exposure to the second largest cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market.  Customers with a new “Next Generation” account will be able to manage their portfolio by adding and selling Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

  In addition to simplified purchasing services, BBVA Swiss customers using the bank's mobile application will be able to view and carry out operations using digital and traditional assets through any smartphone.  Both digital currencies are convertible into euros, dollars or any other fiat currency.

  BBVA Switzerland was the first traditional financial banking institution in Europe to implement Ethereum in its cryptocurrency offering.  According to the bank’s CEO, the decision to add Ethereum as part of its crypto offering is based on the interest of the majority of investors.


  1. We decided to integrate Ether into our crypto 'wallet' because, together with Bitcoin, they are the protocols that interest investors the most; at the same time they give us all guarantees of compliance with regulations,” confirms Alfonso Gomez, CEO of BBVA Switzerland.

  Bank custody service

  The bank’s asset custody service was warmly welcomed by its clients, who were willing to manage their personal portfolios and diversify their existing holdings with more volatile digital assets.  According to the bank's statement, most of the demand comes from those who wish to receive service exposure in order to diversify, including private and institutional investors.

  By geography, BBVA highlights Latin American countries, where there is a lot of interest in investing in all types of crypto assets, but also Europe and Turkey.

  BBVA Switzerland will also continue to expand its offer of digital assets in the coming months.  The bank has already positioned itself as one of the leading offerings in the market that provides exposure to digital assets and advances the path of cryptocurrency adoption.