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Are you looking for the best place for our company the answer

Are you looking for the best place for our company the answer

Are you looking for the best place for our company the answer

  Starting a business has never been so easy, the planning should be thorough and all the details should be perfect.  We know all this and want to help you, which is why we investigated and found the best place for your business: Andorra.  Entrepreneurs, especially Spaniards, are increasingly interested in starting a business in Andorra, a country known for its tax benefits and lifestyle.

  Andorra, with a population of 80,000, is located between Spain and France.  Nowadays, the legislation has evolved and the establishment of companies by foreign investors has become considerably easier, as the country can offer tax benefits to the new or existing companies in the country.  For this reason, Andorra is one of the most famous places in Europe and the world that investors seek to establish their companies.

  Legal requirements for setting up an Andorra company

  To set up a company in Andorra, certain procedures must be followed

      Company name reservation request

   This is an essential step to differentiate yourself from other companies in any official body.  You must receive a negative corporate name certification to ensure that your business name will be unique.

      Creation of the company's articles of association

      Once in the country, deposit the initial capital into a bank account.  To open a bank account, you must submit the documents required by the chosen institution.

      Work the constitution of the company before a notary.  The laws will be formalized in the notary's office and will be registered in the Andorran Commercial Register.

      You have six months to start the company's activity after registering it in the Commercial Register

  What are the advantages and benefits of incorporating a company in Andorra?

      Strategic location

 Its borders are in the north with France and in the south with Spain.  It is about two hours away from Barcelona in Spain and Toulouse in France, which are two major cities.

      Per capita income is among the highest in Europe.  With high speed internet all over the country, due to 100% fiber optic coverage.  Excellent healthcare and trilingual education in primary and secondary schools.

      It has 7 double taxation agreements with other countries, aimed at avoiding cases of international double taxation.  These countries are France, Spain, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates.

      It enjoys a favorable business climate to which its tax laws and regulations contribute.  In general, the investment environment in the country is excellent.  It is also easy for entrepreneurs to obtain residency.  Foreign investment very grateful.

  Andorra has one of the lowest rates in Europe, with taxes ranging from 5% to 10%.  Income tax ranges from 5% to 10%, while corporate tax ranges from 2% to 10%.  Social Security payments are among the least expensive in Europe.  The sales tax is 4.5% and there is no inheritance tax.

  Types of companies in Andorra

  There are two models for setting up a business in Andorra

      Sociedad Anónima (SA): The minimum investment for setting up these companies is €60,000.  It is designed for large companies and allows the distribution of funds among various shareholders.  It will be € 1,480.54 for company registration and registration, plus € 935.50 per year for registration paper maintenance costs.  There is also a Sociedad Anónima Unipersonal (SAU) if you wish to do so on a Sole Proprietorship.

      Limited Company (S.L.): To establish this company, a share capital of at least 3,000 euros must first be raised.  It is aimed at small businesses.  You should take into account the company's registration fee, which costs 1016.67 euros, and the registration maintenance costs, which are 851 euros per year.  In addition, there is the Sociedad Limitada Unipersonal (SLU), which is for private businesses managed by one person.

  Labor and salary costs for resident companies

  It should be noted that the costs of setting up a company in Andorra are lower compared to France or Spain.  Social Security fees are about 15% lower.

  Salaries are around 1,950€ per month, the lowest at 1,083.33€ per month.  Therefore, taxes on profits are 30% lower than in Spain and France.

  We can say that Andorra is a great place to set up your company due to its culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.  In addition, choosing Andorra for your company has many advantages, such as low taxes, and no financial restrictions or visa requirements.