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A simple guide to creating your first mind map

 A simple guide to creating your first mind map

A simple guide to creating your first mind map

      Mind mapping consists of developing a diagram that helps organize your thoughts, and can be used both individually and in collaboration with others.

      Starting with the kernel of key words or phrases, we will implement this type of spider web, in which others, less related but complementary, emerge from the central ideas.

      We can say that it is an excellent way to establish main ideas and identify connections

  When we talked a few weeks ago about the best platforms for getting back to work, we commented that mind maps were a very good idea for organizing ourselves, and we provided some tools.  Of course, we don't always have a cell phone or computer at hand, and if you feel like you can't organize your thoughts, we offer you this simple guide to creating the first mind map that will solve your life.

  In fact, for those who do not know, we can say that mind mapping is a diagram that helps in organizing your thoughts, and it can be used both individually and in collaboration with others.

  After its effective adoption, many people find greater facilities when it comes to writing, studying, planning for the future and even sharing ideas.  That's why you should never ignore them.

  It is in turn an excellent way to establish your main ideas and identify the connections between them, thanks to this cobweb-like layout or design, based on the core of the main words or phrases.

  How to make a successful mind map?

  Focus on it

  If you want to build a successful business, you have to start with a successful mind map, and for this, it is important to create the right mental environment.  You should stay away from any distractions that might spoil it.

  The thing that you should never lose sight of is that in this futuristic conception of how you will achieve your goals, and the fixation of your action plan, there is a certain correspondence to the way you think and live.

  In other words, you have to focus, and actually ask yourself if you are willing to bear the consequences of building your business from scratch.  This initial stage is of course an evaluation oriented stage.

  calm your nerves

  The one thing all high achievers have in common is that they are able to control their emotions.  When you feel anxious, upset, or stressed about something, it is essential that you calm down before starting work.  This obviously applies to everything you do.  Also mind maps.

  You can drink water, go to a far room, play some soft music, and sit in a comfortable position.

  Choose a mission and action plan

  There are many reasons why you should create mind maps, but without a doubt, one of those reasons we cannot forget is the increased productivity that comes with simply making it a part of your routine.

  Mind maps can help you develop a better memory, because every time you enter or leave a topic, you form new connections in your mind, which makes you remember it better.

  Another benefit of mind mapping is that it helps you develop a deeper understanding of the topic at hand.

  Lean towards a particular tool

  Mind maps are a very useful tool for brainstorming and organizing ideas.  Incorporating them day in and day out, you get an end product that is easy to interpret and share with others.


  In short, mind maps are a great option when you feel a bit confused.  You can turn to them in those moments of confusion, when you see that things are not taking a course.