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 5 ways to earn big money in GTA V

5 ways to earn big money in GTA V

      GTA V is one of the best games out there, but moving around without money is not easy

      Fortunately, there are many outings for those who want to do extra work, and here we tell you about them

  Grand Theft Auto is without a doubt one of the best franchises in the history of modern entertainment.  We have GTA V as one of the best titles ever, however, many players have only discovered a small percentage of its ultimate potential, so if you want to enjoy more entertaining games on PC and/or console, you should learn these ways to earn money.  In GTA V.

  Sure, for sure, you already know at least a couple of tricks to make money in GTA, but with that, there will be other tricks that probably went unnoticed.  The idea is to offer you several of them, so that you stay with the one you like best.  From legal solutions, such as casinos you can visit, to other outlaw solutions, there are endless alternatives to earn some extra cash.  Then it is up to you to choose one of those possible options.

  5 ways to earn easy money in GTA V

  Bags drenched in money

  Not everyone knows this, but in GTA V there are bags with flooded money that you can look for and get back.  You can get up to $150,000 if you get them all, by combining different characters.

  Some of the places where you can find the best bags are in the northwest of the harbor fair, on the deck of a large sunken ship and at the altruistic cult camp, the only one on earth.  By having both, you will have a total of $50,000 for your moves.

  Return the lost bike

  With any of the characters, and especially with Franklin in free mode, you will at a certain moment see that the task appears in the form of a blue icon, which consists in returning his lost bike to a boy.

  If you do, he will call you later to tell you that he is a millionaire, and that he will pay you for the gesture.  You will be able to get $100,000 almost effortlessly, although you will have to sell his company shares.

  Playing in the casino

  The casino section is one of the most relevant in the game, so much so that you can spend hours there.  You can also win money from some of the best new casinos of course.

  GTA V casinos are not much different from the real ones, as you just have to log in to start placing your bets, which are traditional bets, and hope luck works in your favour.  Or knowing why not.

  stock exchange change

5 ways to earn big money in GTA V

  Changing the stock market in GTA V is very simple, all you have to do is buy shares in a particular company, and then make the competing shares for it go down, which increases the value of your company.

  You can do this with aircraft companies, armored trucks, or any other company that can harm.  As a direct result of this, the value of the actions of your competitors, which you have in your power, will increase.

  Buying and selling cars or racing

  You can sell cars at the customs workshop in Los Santos.  You'll do it for a good price, when you're in good shape.  Valuable models to look out for are the Dunderary Landstalker, Fathom FQ2, and Mammoth Patriot.  As long as you deliver them in perfect condition, you'll receive $5,000 each.

  On the other hand, you can participate in car races.  If you think you have the ability, you will earn money too.


  The above are just a few of the ways to make a lot of money in GTA V but trust us, there are plenty.  It just depends on how long you want to invest and how much you need.

  For the rest, the general recommendation is that you always assess the risks you are exposing yourself to as you attempt these actions.  Perhaps on more than one occasion, some of them are not worth much.

  And for those who still do not have the latest version, GTA Trilogy, at this link you can check if your PC is compatible with the specifications required by the game.