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5 good apps to help control sleep quality

 5 good apps to help control sleep quality

5 good apps to help control sleep quality

  In that time we talked about how sleep monitoring can help you sleep better, and the fact that more and more people are having trouble relaxing at night, which affects their quality of life.  So, if you feel like you're resting poorly, we have good news for you, as below we review 5 very good apps to help you take control of your sleep quality, and start the day fresh.

  The truth is that technological devices, as well as sometimes, can play against our ability to disconnect and sleep at night, and in other cases they can become great allies.

  Apps to help control sleep quality will be essential for those who feel they don't get enough rest at night, but they can't relate this problem to anything specifically.  With these reports on how to rest, it will be easier to distinguish the causes of discomfort.

  And since sleep hygiene is so important, because it will determine what kind of person you are during the rest of the day, facing your obligations and your pleasures, we'll show you some apps that are available in the major stores, so download and install them and let them help you with this.

  Applications to help monitor sleep quality easily

  In fact, by trusting any of these apps, you will be able to fully understand your sleep patterns at night, and better control those outside influences that may be affecting you for the worse, and affecting you.

  By maintaining a monitored sleep that allows you to establish a routine to sleep the necessary hours, without overstepping yourself but also without falling short, you will experience the rest of the day in a different mood.

  Sleep Better (Android)

  Sleep Better wants you to find out why you're not getting enough sleep, whether it's a short nap or a night's sleep.  You can install a free basic version, and if you wish, go for the more complete and paid version.

  In addition, you can enter a time when you need to wake up for it to act as an alarm, and make use of it not only to see how you sleep, but also to not fall asleep.

  When you wake up, you will be able to see the quality of your sleep according to a percentage, taking into account various parameters.  In the meantime, over time, you'll come up with weekly and monthly statistics to compare.

  Sleep Cycle (iOS/Android)

  Sleep Cycle is one of the most popular applications in its category, compatible with the two prevalent mobile operating systems around the world, it is an effective tool for better understanding how you sleep.

  You can visualize detailed studies on your sleep quality, and it presents you with stress-relieving sounds, so you forget about routine and allow yourself to go faster, and make the most of the night.

  Its settings section is really complete, and it will allow you to customize a good part of the user experience, for example by turning off those soothing sounds when it detects that you have slept.

  Sleep timer (iOS)

  Another sleep quality control app we didn't want to mention is this one that ensures restful nights for energized mornings.  It does this by calculating sleep cycles and their evolution.

  Over time, it will learn from your habits, indicating a good time for you to sleep and put down your cell phone.  When you wake up you can check your emails, messages and how you sleep.

  Like the others, it includes an internal alarm, so as to better assess the last rest period.

  Sleep Like Android (Android)

  If you have proven this, the Sleep as Android app will wake you in that period of time you indicated when you notice that you are in a phase of light rather than deep sleep, avoiding the usual discomfort of someone who has just woken up.

  You will be able to see graphs of all kinds of data about the quality of your sleep while you sleep.  And you can set the alarms with gentle sounds, away from the military horns that only contribute to a bad morning.

  Its distinctive feature is the snoring detector, which alerts when this behavior is demonstrated, and tells you in the morning how loud and steady the sound is, as a symptom of discomfort.

  Sleepzy (iOS / Android)

  From the hand of Sleepzy, you will discover the best time to wake up, and you will know it reliably because its statistics will inform you.  It is the wakefulness that a good dream like this requires.

  Another strong point is that it will give you ideas for new healthy habits so that you get more tired at night, and you can let go of thoughts that don't let you sleep, at least until the next day.

  You will receive recommendations on where to let the smartphone rest next to you, it has a snore recorder to check when you wake up.  And if all that wasn't enough, the Premium version adds even more items.