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10 reasons to use WordPress

10 reasons to use WordPress

10 reasons to use WordPress

  It does not matter if we are talking about entrepreneurship, large companies or personal spaces.  WordPress is now the platform that enables about a third of websites on the planet.  However, we know that many people who would consider developing their own portal may have reservations about it.  Therefore, in this article, we will give you several reasons to use WordPress before any other alternative.


  The main reasons to use WordPress

10 reasons to use WordPress

  Low cost web management

  WordPress is open source software and free to use.  It is also really good, both for beginners who want to upload their ideas or for companies looking to offer services or products.  Now, since we are going to need web hosting, we can choose the one that best fits our pockets.  This is not found in other platforms that put their own costs, which are usually much higher.  Here you can start with the minimum.

  Customization and flexibility

  If it comes to customization, here we have one of the great reasons to use WordPress.  You will be able to modify the aesthetics of your sites, add simple widgets and third-party add-ons, tweak the mechanics of interacting with visitors, etc.  You will find a WordPress template for you.

  Top-notch security features

  Many may fear that WordPress is not a secure platform.  After all, if it is cheap and able to adapt to our needs, then it must have a flaw.  However, the truth is that you will not feel or feel insecure at all.  Its managers are constantly working to improve security environments to keep users safe from cyberattacks and other suspicious activities.

  Advanced SEO Functions

  One explanation for the success of WordPress has to do with the space it devote to SEO.  Anyone who has used this ecosystem will know that it has many features that help copywriters, even beginners, achieve an SEO friendly copy.  In addition, it is an option compatible with all browsers, integrates social networks and is suitable for mobile phones.

  Adaptable to any type of website

  WordPress will allow you to build sites ranging from online stores to news portals, through photo galleries, personal blogs, etc.  The truth is that all kinds of users will find a solution through it.  And if they don't find it at first, there are always plugins like WooCommerce, designed specifically for online commerce.

10 reasons to use WordPress

  Share in social networks

  Now, we know how important interaction with the public is for our company to function well.  WordPress facilitates the integration of major social networks with freely available widgets.  You will be able to manage your content on the Internet and social networks from a common environment, save time and develop a common strategy.

  Quick site migration

  If you start with another platform, the migration system is one of the top reasons to use WordPress that you will find.  You will be able to move all the content of your content manager to WordPress without losing posts or plugins, adapting them one by one.

  Compatible with different types of media

  WordPress supports a wide range of formats and files.  And although it requires legal use of the media, if you are a content creator, it will be very easy to enrich your texts with images, videos, etc.  On more than one occasion, it only takes a second to embed this content.

  You don't have to be a programmer

  We've said that before.  The WordPress interface is quite straightforward, so we don't need to be programmers to add elements to it.  However, for those looking to go a little further, there are many tutorials and tips available for achieving "more professional" results.

  Suitable for large companies and startups

  And back to the beginning, WordPress is perfect for startups, individuals, and even large companies.  Its versatility, which is among the first reasons to use WordPress, is the key that makes millions of people choose it every day.