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What do you know about the characters in Axie Infinity?

 What do you know about the characters in Axie Infinity?

What do you know about the characters in Axie Infinity?

      Axie Infinity is one of the games of the year, a clear example of the growth of NFTs

      Players take advantage of this entertainment proposition not only to have fun, but they also try to grow their investment portfolio with these creatures, which act just like assets

      But to impose ourselves on other users, it will be necessary not only to have a good team, but also to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the characters or interlocutors.

  Just as cryptocurrencies have spread in recent times, we have also had to get used to new concepts like NFT or non-fungible tokens.  From the intrinsic value of these digital assets, developers around the world have launched apps and games.  And if you're just taking your first steps in "Pokémon of the NFT", we teach you everything you need to know about the Axie Infinity characters.

  Layered game but different

  The first thing to keep in mind is that Axie Infinity animals, like those in Pokémon Go, are divided into different classes, which differentiate them and allow them to face each other when fighting.

  Based on this rule, it has established itself as one of the best blockchain games to earn money today.  For this reason, new users every day strive to learn the methods and secrets of Axie Infinity.

  All you have to do is download the game to your smartphone, create an Axie Infinity account, and get the first animals that will eventually allow you to have a battle-ready squad.

  Little by little, you will learn about the character classes in Axie Infinity, as well as learn how to make more use of their attributes when you encounter them.  You can also raise them and sell them for money, of course.

  Axies classes and why they are important

  Hubs are the virtual pets of this game and, as mentioned earlier, each has unique characteristics.  These, in turn, determine the category to which the character belongs.

  The Axies classes are Aquatic, Beast, Bird, Bug, Dawn, Dark, Mechanic, Plant, and Reptile.

  Each class is characterized by some very specific strengths and weaknesses, and this helps to define the main role of the character within the team that makes up.  Also, when do you use it or let it rest.

  Also, to ensure that the classes are balanced, there is a system to match the best style Pokémon or any other similar MMORPG, which avoids differences in favor of any of the characters.

  Axes stats

  Outside of the classroom, each Axie then responds to a series of stats, which are what we must base ourselves on when choosing which ones to perform certain tasks.  Therefore, we will review them in detail:

      Health: how much damage you can take before you die

      Speed: the ability to anticipate offensive moves first

      Skill: Attack power and damage dealt to opponents

      Morale: Resistance when receiving blows from an opponent, determining its flexibility

  You should keep in mind that each Axie has a total of 140 base points that will be distributed in these four sections.  This makes them, if they stand out in one, always vulnerable in the others.

  As a conclusion, we can say that plants usually have good health, which makes them ideal for defensive tactics.  Instead, monsters have high morale levels but very little health.  And so on.

  Axles body parts

  In addition to the seasons, the ax has prominent parts of the body: eyes, ears, horns, mouth, back and tail.

  It is the combination of layers with parts of the body, which may be more or less developed, which makes the different axes unique, and no two have the same benefits.

  Axes capabilities

  Axie Infinity characters also have specific abilities, four in total, that they can use in battle.  Totally considering the entire game, we realize that there are a total of 132 different abilities.

  These work quite a bit as we've seen, and enhance attack or defense strategies, depending on the situation.

  Experts in the battles of this game assure that the best characters are those who report a certain balance between their qualities, and who do not stand out much in some, leaving others unprotected.

What do you know about the characters in Axie Infinity?

  Axie Infinity 2 Characters

  Get started with Axie Infinity

  Anyway, if you also want to try your luck with one of the popular decentralized apps or apps these days, like Axie Infinity, you should know that the first thing to do is invest some money in AXS tokens.

  This has a cost that has increased over time, as it has with game recognition.  Originally, the cost of buying an Axie was between $5 and $10, but now each one is worth about $200.  Of course, if you think of it as an investment, having a team and getting into the fray can pay off.