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 Top 5 weather apps for Android

Top 5 weather apps for Android

  It is quite possible that many of us use our mobile devices to check the weather from time to time.  That's why we want to recommend you 5 of the best weather apps for Android.

  Best weather apps for Android

  It is very important to know what the weather will be like, perhaps because we have to take a long trip, go to work or go for a walk with the family.  For whatever reason, nothing is more convenient than quick and detailed access to the weather forecast from our Android phone using these top apps.

  Islands weather

Top 5 weather apps for Android

  Carrot is a powerful and attractive application that provides us with an interesting amount of data about the present and future time.  The app uses the Dark Sky API to collect your data;  iOS uses multiple fonts.  It has many features, although they are less in quantity than the version for Apple devices.  We can use it for free with ads, although if we don't want the publicity we can pay for a premium version.



Top 5 weather apps for Android

  From what we can see on his website, he collects all his data thanks to a group of meteorologists, a global forecasting engine, and various sources.  Accuweather has an attractive and convenient interface that gives us instant access to the current temperatures.  It even tells us over the next four hours what kind of precipitation we can expect.  We can also monitor the forecast by day and time, thanks to the tabs at the bottom.  It's free with ads, not too annoying, although we can pay $9 a year to avoid them, it's not very expensive at all.


  One of the best weather apps for Android, highly recommended.

Top 5 weather apps for Android

  With that, Appy Weather is touted as the most personal weather app.  You are somewhat right, because you are privy-aware;  Once the app is launched, it asks us if we want to check the weather with the current location (requires our permission) or perform a search for its location.  With a very simple and straightforward interface, but with plenty of information available.  We can see the current weather and forecasts for the next few days with a variety of information.

  1 weather

Top 5 weather apps for Android

  1Weather is probably one of the best known apps on the list, and it has a variety of screens that allow us to estimate the current weather, forecast, precipitation, salutations, radar, etc.  As for its interface, it is a little complicated, but once we get used to it, we can appreciate the large amount of information in it.  The only thing we notice is a lot of ads and on many occasions it can be very annoying.

  The weather today

  One of the best weather apps.

Top 5 weather apps for Android

  Today's weather is probably going to be very attractive, even more so than the other apps we find on the list.  It has a very simple to use interface that starts with the image and the current weather, we can scroll down to get the weather details for the next 24 hours and the whole week;  In contrast, it has several categories such as air quality, and precipitation, among others.