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 Top 5 4K TVs 50" or more

Top 5 4K TVs 50" or more

      Buying a new TV is a process that requires some patience and knowledge

      Just get all the information and realize your needs as a user you will be satisfied

      We review some characteristics that you should review in depth to make a perfect choice, and several models that were among the most requested during 2021

  If you're looking for a new smart TV for the holidays, or you simply want to replace the one in the house because something old was left behind and no longer adapted to the latest technology available, you're in luck.  Next we'll review the 5 best 4K TVs of 50 or more that you should consider for 2022.

  Of course, given the cost of these devices, it is not an easy decision, which is why we will focus on those characteristics that you should focus on when choosing a TV.  If you don't forget it, your chances of being satisfied will be much higher.

  Here is a website with everything you need to know about TVs if you want to go deeper into the topic before choosing a model, but in the following lines we believe that you will already have a complete current panorama, as if you were to at least exclude smart TVs that do not suit your needs and choose them for others.

  What should you pay attention to when buying a new TV

  Differences between LED, QLED and OLED

  The first thing you should focus on when it comes to analyzing how you will feel with a new TV, is one of those qualities that appear directly in its name: if it is LED, QLED or OLED.

  At that time, we have already compared different types of TVs according to their technology, although we can summarize this by saying that TVs with LCD panels and LED backlights are the most popular all over the world.  So, QLEDs are owned by Samsung, as one of its latest innovations, and OLEDs are the same, but from LG.

  What is the difference between them?  LCD/LED displays are very durable and their system is the most commonly used, so you have a large number of models with these displays, which is ideal if you're looking for other specific details.  Meanwhile, QLEDs stand out thanks to their improved viewing angles and superior HDR for more contrast.  Finally, OLEDs stand out for providing us with absolute blacks, sharper and deeper.

  screen resolution

  Screen resolution doesn't raise too many doubts, because we're more used to it, and surely you know that current trends are heading straight for 4K or UHD resolution.

  Meaning, if you have a Full HD TV, you don't have to run it to replace it, but if you're already thinking about buying a new device and it doesn't have to be less than 4K UHD content, consider owning it for several years.

  That is why in the title we refer specifically to the best 4K TVs, the most in demand.


  High Dynamic Range (HDR) refers to the amount of light a TV can display, and this is necessary given the distance between dark and light areas.  The more you progress, the better the visualization.

  The standards you can follow are HDR10, which is simpler, and HDR10+, another picture quality.  More here in time Dolby Vision, a next-level bet, and one that more and more content platforms are embracing, so it would be ideal to find a TV that includes it.

  The operating system can be one of the things you don't pay attention to, and another that might drive you crazy.  It depends on each user, and while there are many manufacturers that use Android TV, or Google TV now, others make use of their own operating systems, such as Samsung with Tizen or LG with Web OS.

  It is important, in any case, that you choose options like these, compatible with all selective services.


  Finally, you should also check connectivity, looking for HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 2.1 ports, USB 3.0 ports, WiFi and, in some new cases, also Bluetooth, which can be interesting on Android TV to turn on.

  Contrary to all the previous ones, it is very difficult for a modern TV to disappoint you in this regard.

  Top 5 4K TVs of 50 or more

  LG 65UN71006LB de 65 ″

  LG 65UN71006LB

Top 5 4K TVs 50" or more

  If you're willing to spend a little more for a bigger TV, the LG 65UN71006LB costs around 700 euros, but it's worth every euro, considering its photorealistic to extreme surround sound you'll love.

  If we add to this a reduced cost, at least 65 inches, you should not lose sight of it.

  Xiaomi LED Screen 4S 55

  Xiaomi LED TV 4S

Top 5 4K TVs 50" or more

  As is repeated in the case of Xiaomi, its products are excellent value for money, and this also applies to the 55-inch LED TV 4S, which has the Android TV operating system, developed by Google.

  In addition, it offers us high-quality images and reproductions of multiple contents, for about 550 euros.

  55, Samsung UE55RU7305

  Samsung UE55RU7305

Top 5 4K TVs 50" or more

  Thanks to the excellent resolution, by incorporating technologies that improve the final image quality, we can get this Samsung TV for about 600 euros, which is not bad for the brand.

  The most attractive thing about this TV, which some will love and some will hate, is that its screen is curved and more immersive.

  Hisense H50U7BE 50

  Hisense H50U7BE

Top 5 4K TVs 50" or more

  Although the Hisense operating system is not as intuitive as the others, the truth is that the experience offered by this particular model, the Hisense H50U7BE, which has an attractive price tag of around 550 euros.

  Best?  Its modern design, screen quality and sound are top notch.

  Philips Ambilight 50PUS7354 50″

  Philips Ambilight 50PUS7354

Top 5 4K TVs 50" or more

  Televisions from the Philips Ambilight family have given this manufacturer new life due to their very good results, which are widely appreciated by the general public.  And the model is, of course, one of the most successful.

  With the Android TV operating system and a broadband connection, its price is around 450 euros.

  And you, with which of the best 4K TVs do you prefer for your home?