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Top 3 Free PDF Compressors 

Top 3 Free PDF Compressors


  If you want to know the best free PDF compression software, this list is for you.  We are always looking for the best software for the tasks we must perform.  We need a high-quality program to achieve the best results.

  In the case of compressing PDF files, there are many really great programs out there.  It is clear that many of those will be paid.  However, in the following list, everything we comment on is completely free.

  Foxit is one of the best free PDF compression software

  Foxit Reader

Top 3 Free PDF Compressors

  One of the most used is Foxit Render, a PDF compressing program that allows us to edit, compress, read, create notes, password protect and print files of a fairly small size.  Best of all, it is compatible with many platforms such as Windows, iOS, and Mac.

  The program is multifunctional.  It allows us to create, save and convert online.  Another positive thing about this program is that it is available in several languages.  Something worth appreciating.

  We can create translations in documents and add various graphics such as circles, arcs, arrows, etc.  It has tab navigation, every document we open will run one of these.  It's JAWS-compatible, meaning that for people with some visual impairments to screen reading, text-to-speech or braille is possible.

  Adobe PDF software

Top 3 Free PDF Compressors

  One of the coolest features of Adobe Acrobat is the ability to convert PDF files to Microsoft Office.  It even allows us to share information with other people, bookmarks and signatures online.

  We can also improve the security of our files and protect PDF files with a password.  This way no one can use it unless we allow it.

  At the same time, it allows us to create PDF files from scratch.  We can also compress it to save storage space.  We can take Word, Excel and HTML documents.  Even JPG and PNG image files and convert them to PDF format.  This way we will have the option to enter notes, write comments, compress the file and exchange information.

  Simple program to compress PDF files.

Top 3 Free PDF Compressors

  Free PDF Compressor

  One of the most popular and widely used free tools.  It allows us to reduce the size of PDF files as much as possible.  Without affecting its quality in the least.  Free PDF Compressor is only available for Windows, although it is still one of the best free PDF compressor software.  It has a very simple interface.

  It even allows us to upload multiple files simultaneously for batch processing.  The program does not support many tools to compress files.  However, the virtual tools work like a charm.