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Splinterlands, the latest blockchain gaming craze

 Splinterlands, the latest blockchain gaming craze

Splinterlands, the latest blockchain gaming craze

      Splinterlands, the new phenomenon of blockchain gaming, has been able to quickly establish itself as one of the “play to win”, even as alternatives in this sector are constantly growing.

      The address has about 300,000 users per day, while its currency and government token are being revalued

  We've been hearing a lot in recent weeks about blockchain games, those titles where we can earn some money, to the point where we complete different goals set.  And precisely in this sense, Splinterlands can be considered the latest blockchain gaming craze.

  And it is that after the success of other titles, such as Axie Infinity, we find in this particular case an interesting new proposal that will also allow us to increase the income a little.

  This new phenomenon of blockchain gaming has quickly managed to establish itself as one of the “play to earn” titles, as these titles are called, even as the alternatives in this sector are constantly growing.

  That is, today there are other ways to make money online that go beyond the traditional and well-known casino, which is why we want to stop at some of the most striking features of Splinterlands.

  Splinterlands occupies a place among 'play to win'

  Since last week, we've seen references to Splinterlands, so much so that this video game has overtaken Alien Worlds and is already the most popular blockchain game in the cryptocurrency industry, with more daily active users, always according to Dapp Radar.

  In fact, Splinterlands has a limit of 300,000 daily users, while Alien Worlds is just over 235,000, which clearly shows the different adoption of one and the other.

  Its rate of expansion is another thing that attracts attention.  We say this bearing in mind that at the end of August the number was only 90,000 players, which now makes up less than a third of its fan base.

  Splinterlands is part of Blockchain-based games and its huge potential is a collectible card game, based on the Hive blockchain.  Thanks to him, players can exchange cards, NFT-based cards or non-fungible tokens, within the play to earn the form.  That is, while playing and adding the original game currency, the so-called Dark Energy Crystal -DEC-, they can exchange it for money.

  At this time, the DEC is trading at around $0.005659, which, although it may sound insignificant, speaks to a revaluation of more than 1,000% since its launch in August of last year.

  On the other hand, Splinterlands also has a government token, Splinterhards -SPS-, which allows players to participate in strategic decisions related to the game's development over time.  Come to think of it, $0.25 is trading, and it has a market capitalization of $31.8 million.

Splinterlands, the latest blockchain gaming craze

  How do you play Splinterlands?

  Splinterlands has a multiplayer dynamic with a proposal that combines Pokémon-style card games, with characters more similar to those of World of Warcraft.  All this in a mystical world in which we constantly participate in battles, tournaments and conquest of lands.  This is how we complete tasks.

  An interesting detail is that you just have to register for free on the platform, starting at level 1. Now, your account is yours, and the cards are linked, so you can't sell them or anything.

  Next, we must team up with those collectible cards, 283 in total.  This, always taking care that the characters are complementary, offering you solutions in all possible situations.

  This is because, as usual, the prestige, status and attributes of the cards are crucial to the outcome.  Obviously, you will have to test your own strategies to decide on a particular tactic.