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Should I buy a new SSD for my PS5?

 Should I buy a new SSD for my PS5?

      PS5 has a specially designed interior space for adding a new SSD

      What are the differences between an SSD and an HDD that explain the PS5's lead over the PS4, and why is an internal SSD a better solution than an external SSD for gaming on the newer Sony console?

  The best internal SSD drives for your PS5?

  If you're having issues with your PlayStation 5's performance, you've probably also thought about finding a solution.  we know.  You are definitely wondering if you should buy a new SSD for your PS5 console.  Many would like to know, and we give you the final answer.

  The point is, the internet is full of tutorials on how to install or add an internal SSD to PS5.  A large number of users of Sony's latest video game consoles have chosen to give it extra performance, taking advantage of this potential that technology and Asia itself offer us.

  As you probably know, there are stark differences between older hard drives and newer hard drives.  The latter is able to use flash storage to read and write information, avoiding those slow mechanical parts of hard drives.  In addition, they take up less space, so they are all advantages.

  This is one explanation as to why the PS5 is incredibly faster than the PS4, although that may not be enough for users who intend to add an internal SSD to their devices.

  Should I buy a new SSD for the PS5?

  We can't lie to you: the answer for anyone who wants to take their console to the next level would be a resounding yes.  Unfortunately, it doesn't end there, but there are other issues to watch out for.

  For example, the Japanese give us a series of requirements that help remove doubts in this regard.

  °SSD Requirements for PS5

 ° Specification requirements

 ° PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 NVMe SSD interface

  °Capability: 250 GB - 4 TB

  Heat sink cooling structure (single or double sided)

 ° Sequential read speed 5500MB/s or faster

 ° Unit width 22 mm

  °M.2 form factor 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110

 ° Plug socket size 3 (M key)

 ° Length 30 mm 42 mm 60 mm 80 mm 110 mm

  Height less than 11.25 mm

  °Overall size of the cooling frame is less than 110 mm (L) x 25 mm (W) x 11.25 mm (H)

  Now, since Sony can't guarantee that all SSDs that meet the listed requirements are fully compatible with PS5, you'd better check out how to see if your SSD is compatible with your PS5.

  Best internal or e

xternal SSD?

  Now that Sony has enabled extended storage for the PS5, we think you should definitely buy an internal SSD.  What do we mean?  If you open the console, you will see that there is a slot dedicated to the SSD next to its fan and in front of the drive after removing the white board.

  Before performing this step by step, remember to make a backup on PS5 to protect your data.

  Another alternative, if you only intend to store and play PS4 games, you may be satisfied with a different volume, and an external disk may be an investment - and a simpler procedure.

  Supported PS4 games can be played from an external SSD connected via USB.  This will also help you free up space to use specifically with your PS5 titles.

  Best SSD for PS5?

  There are many excellent PS5-compatible SSDs, but when it comes to the best SSD for PS5, we can advise you on a few models in particular, which we think should top your choices.

      WD Black SN850 (Buy from Amazon)°

    Seagate FireCuda 530 (Buy from Amazon)

  Both models mentioned have amazingly fast load times and even give us access to pre-wired heat sinks, making everything a lot easier, of course.

  This saves you, if you buy an SSD without a heat sink, you have to buy it separately.