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In China warns of risks related to the metaverse

 In China warns of risks related to the metaverse

In China warns of risks related to the metaverse

  Although many Chinese companies are rushing to develop their metaverse projects, state media recently warned of the associated risks this emerging technology could bring.

  Yesterday, the Economic Daily said there is euphoria about the metaphor, people should be calmer.  He went on to advise that in the future, as the technology matures, there will be social, ethical and rule of law issues in building and managing metaverses.  The digital broker believes that the risk is too high for small and medium investors to be able to join in and invest in it.  Let's say it's too early to increase the value of a company based on your idea of ​​the metaverse.

  Euphoria in Chinese companies for wanting to take advantage of the metaverse

  This is not the first time that Chinese state media have expressed concern about the metaverse.  Earlier this month, a commentator for People's Daily said many were keen to register trademarks that reference the metaverse, even if the business had nothing to do with metaverses.  The only intention is to take advantage of this metaphorical ecstasy.

  For example, video game company NetEase said the company will be one of the fastest in the metaverse.  Also, Bonnie Ma, president and CEO of Chinese social media and payments giant Tancent, said that "the metaverse is very exciting, but a bit mysterious [...] and an opportunity that really adds growth to existing industries."

  But, it is also true that not all Chinese state media are skeptical of the equation.  Last weekend, it was argued in an article on the government's website that the metaverse could offer an immersive media viewing experience that could build a metaverse capable of enhancing public perception by amplifying media influence.

  The truth is that ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced his company name change, from Facebook to Meta, the word metaverse is heard everywhere.  But you have to be careful and take it easy.