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How to watch Plex with friends step by step?

 How to watch Plex with friends step by step?

How to watch Plex with friends step by step?

  Plex has always been on top when it comes to consuming multimedia on all kinds of devices.  Thanks to this tool, we can enjoy our favorite videos and audios, to circulate, whether on smart TVs, on computers, mobile phones or any other platform.  But, without a doubt, one of its new and most interesting features is the ability to watch Plex with friends.

  Which is that, over time, this service adds new solutions to attract more and more users.  A good proof of this is the arrival of Watch Together.  This is the name of this feature with which we can watch Plex with friends and share movie, series, programs and even YouTube videos.

  In this way, if you want to share the content with your friends and family to comment on them together, we recommend that you continue reading, because we will teach you the steps you have to follow, and the requirements you have to meet.  You will see that it is very simple, and you will enjoy all of them faster than you expect.

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  Plex Participation Requirements

  Before getting started, it is important to verify that you meet all the necessary requirements for the case.  The developers themselves Plex tell us, they have to do it with the software versions.  Thus, we should have the following operating systems and updates:

How to watch Plex with friends step by step?

      Amazon Fire TV (v8.1.0 or higher)

      Android phone (version 8.1.0 or higher)

      Android TV (v8.1.0 or higher)

      Apple TV (version 7.0 or higher)

      iOS (v7.0 or higher)

      Roku (v6.6.0 or higher)

  This way, you also know the environments that allow you to enjoy Plex with your friends.

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  How to share Plex with friends?

  To share content in Plex, if you meet the requirements, the first thing you'll need is a user within the system.  All you have to do is create a free account from their official website.  When you're done, you have to find the movie, episode, or show you want to share, and then:

      Click on the three dots that allow you to enter the menu for that content

      Select the Show Together option

      A new screen will appear, where you can select the friends to add to the session (if none of them appear, they may not have an account yet. You will need to create one)

      When you've added them all, tap Done, in the upper right corner

      Little by little, you will see how the content storage in your account begins

      After a few seconds you will be able to click start, thus sharing content

  Keep in mind that after that, you can control playback as if you were the only person watching the video.  On the right of the screen, you will see the connected users, and the content will always be synced.  This means, for example, if you pause it for yourself, you pause it for everyone.

  Considering that Plex has long offered a wide range of free movies and TV shows, this is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who want to have fun with their loved ones from a distance.

  And you, have you already tried Plex Watch Together?  How was your experience?