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How to use Android as a TV remote control

 How to use Android as a TV remote control

How to use Android as a TV remote control

  Mobile devices are here to make our lives easier and we can't deny that when we watch TV, one of the things we hate doing is having to get up from our comfortable sofa or bed to gain control.  How can we avoid this category of situations?  Using our Android as a TV remote control.

  Perhaps we have lost control of the TV or left it somewhere far away, we are already sitting, comfortable, not feeling like getting up.  But we cannot deny that our phone is always with us, it is part of us.  That's why we will learn how to use our Android device as a TV remote control.

  There are three ways to turn our Android device into a TV remote control.  The first is to download and install the TV manufacturer's app;  The second is to download a universal application;  The third is to use Wi-Fi to connect devices.

  Most manufacturers allow us to use our phone as a control: Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, etc.  Most TVs can operate via infrared or connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  Using your Android mobile phone as a TV remote control

  There are many manufacturers that have launched different applications that allow us to control TV from our devices.  Therefore, we will have to visit the Play Store to find the apps of these manufacturers.

  We open the Google Play Store on our device and look for the manufacturer's TV control application.  We download it and it will install automatically, we configure the application with the TV and that's it.  For example, Samsung has a "SmartThings" program.

How to use Android as a TV remote control

  TV remote control apps for Android

  On the other hand, there are universal apps that are able to give us control of our TV from our Android device, and we will also find them in the Play Store.  Some applications give us the ability to control the TV using voice commands.  We will simply have to search for “TV Remote Control” in the Android Store.

  We cannot list all the universal applications, because there are very few and it depends a lot on the type of TV you have, the brand and model.  It is recommended to check it on the Play Store.

How to use Android as a TV remote control

  If you don't have infrared, the only alternative is to keep your TV and Android connected on the same Wi-Fi network.  Obviously, for this, we need to connect a smart TV to the same network.

  Again, we will have to look for an app that will allow us to do this.  For this we go to the Play Store and search for an application.  It can be manufacturer or global directly.

  Control the TV from your Android device

  One of the best apps is Android TV Remote Control, which is available on the Play Store from this link.  When we open the app, it will detect your Android TV, both devices must be connected to the same network.

  A code should appear on the TV, which is the code that we will have to enter into the application to link them and in this way we can now use the phone to control the TV.

  Why should I use my mobile device as a TV control?

  The advantages of using our Android phone are quite obvious.  First of all, we can lose control of the TV, but our phone is rarely far from us.

  Also, the important thing is that text entry is faster, easier and more practical than on a mobile phone.  Instead of going letter by letter, we can quickly enter any text.

  From the mobile device, we can use the touchpad that helps us navigate through the different applications in a faster and more flexible way, especially when we have to use applications for movies and series.