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How to enable two-step authentication for your Microsoft account

 How to enable two-step authentication for your Microsoft account

How to enable two-step authentication for your Microsoft account

  Keeping our accounts secure is very important to avoid hackers and getting into trouble.  It's something we have to implement in email, social networks, bank accounts... In this article we'll talk about how to activate two-step authentication in a Microsoft account.  We will talk about why it is important to do this and what benefits it brings for us to maximize protection.

  Why is two-step authentication important

  All the services we use on the Internet, such as email, series watching accounts, movies, social networks or any purchase page, will have a username and password.  This key is the main security barrier that will prevent anyone from entering.  But of course, is that enough?

  This is where two-factor authentication comes in.  It is important to apply it because it adds an extra layer of protection.  If someone can figure out the password, for example through a brute force attack, a keyboard spotter or simply by guessing, they can hack the account.  What two factor authentication does is prevent this from happening.

  Its function is to force a second login step.  For example, it can be a code that we receive by SMS, or by one of the applications designed for it, e-mail, etc.  It is this second authentication that will allow us to verify our identity and log in.  If the hacker has the password but can't use that second step, they won't be able to get in.

  Therefore, it is very important to use two-step authentication whenever possible.  In the case of Microsoft it is and we can enable it in a simple way, simply by following a series of steps that we will explain below.

  What to do to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Microsoft account

  In order to enable multi-factor authentication in Microsoft, the first thing we must do is sign in to our account.  We will have to enter the corresponding username and password and in this way we will be able to access the configuration to find out the points related to security, which is what interests us.

How to enable two-step authentication for your Microsoft account

  Once in, at the top we can see different sections.  One of them is security.  We have to click on it and it will take us to a new page where we will see different options that we can configure to improve account protection.

  Microsoft 2-Step Verification

  At the top right, as we can see in the picture, the option of two-step verification appears, and you can activate it.  We have to click there.  It will automatically ask us for the password again, in order to verify that we are indeed the legitimate user.

How to enable two-step authentication for your Microsoft account

  A first informational page will appear, where we will see information about the different options that exist and what we will need to activate two-factor authentication in a Microsoft account and then proceed with the process.

How to enable two-step authentication for your Microsoft account

  Set up 2FA at Microsoft

  After that we will get to the page where we will have to choose how we want to verify the identity.  We can do this through an app, an alternate email account, or a phone number.  We have to choose the person that interests us at that moment and press Get now.

  Choose Microsoft's 2FA method

  If we choose, for example, a phone number, they will send us an SMS with a code to verify our identity already.  The same if we choose the alternative email account option.  In all of these cases, whatever we choose, we'll activate Microsoft's two-step authentication once the process is over.

  From this moment on, the account will be protected with an extra layer of security.  If an intruder somehow manages to figure out the password, it will take that second step to gain access.  This will provide us with greater security and will avoid unwanted problems.

  General tips to protect your account

  After explaining how to enable two-step authentication on your Microsoft account, we'll give you some general tips to keep your account secure.  Some recommendations that can be useful to avoid hackers and our data can be exposed.

  Use a complex password

  The main thing, the simplest thing, is to use a good key.  This will be the first security measure that we should keep in mind for your Microsoft account.  We must use a password that is completely unique and random and also contains all kinds of characters.

  The interesting thing is that it contains letters (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and other special symbols.  We should always avoid the words or numbers that relate to us which can pose a problem as they are easy to find by the hacker.

  Take care to protect equipment

  Also, another important issue is to properly protect the systems.  This will, for example, prevent malware from infiltrating us, as is the case with a keylogger who collects all the passwords we set, and can control the accounts.

  We can use a good antivirus for this.  Windows Defender is an interesting solution, but we also have different solutions like Avast or Bitdefender, among many others.  This is something we have to apply to all kinds of devices.

  Install the latest updates

  We must not forget to always properly update the equipment.  Installing all security patches will help correct potential vulnerabilities and errors that may occur and also put your Microsoft account at risk.

  This is something that we must take into account both in the operating system itself, such as Windows, as well as in the applications we use, such as browsers, applications for entering mail, etc.

  Common sense

  But if something is important to staying safe and protected, it makes sense.  We must avoid making any kind of error that puts our systems and, at the same time, the accounts associated with them at risk.

  For example, we should avoid logging in from links that come to us by mail or through third-party websites.  We should always use the official apps and make sure that we are logging in from completely legitimate sources.

  Ultimately, enabling two-step authentication on your Microsoft account is essential.  This will allow us to have security and avoid hackers.  We've also shown you some interesting tips to avoid problems and increase account security