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How to customize the Google TV home screen?

 How to customize the Google TV home screen?

How to customize the Google TV home screen?

  Google's latest bet for the Chromecast that integrates Google TV instead of the well-known Android TV environment has led a large number of users to raise various doubts about its operation.  In particular, in this case, we did not want to stop analyzing one of the most common queries that appears in both forums and social networks: how to customize the Google TV home screen.

  The first thing to say is that in this new Google TV, the focus is on recommendations and content originating from streaming services.  However, we are in a position to make some interesting changes to the home screen, which may be useful for the distribution we are looking for.

  In addition, you have to keep in mind that today at least, there are three ways in which we can customize the experience of the Google TV home screen.  The first is about rearranging apps and games to place favorites in central spaces.  The second, Google's participation in the transportation services we contract with.  The last one disables recommendations altogether.


  Customize your Google TV home screen step by step

  Method 1: Rearrange apps and games

  As we said before, our first alternative in these cases, if we want to customize the Google TV home screen, is to search for apps and games that appear installed in the For You and Apps tabs.  You will notice that only 12 of them are displayed, without expanding the entire list.  It is clear, then, that it makes sense in the world to put those elements that matter most to us in the first places.

How to customize the Google TV home screen?

  To edit which apps and games appear, you must view all items from View All in your apps.  In the pop-up menu for each item you can move them according to your interests.  As long as you move it to the left, it will move it to the top of the list, making things easier for you.

  You can move the icons as many times as you see necessary until you are satisfied.

  Method 2: Get better movie and TV show recommendations

  The second alternative might be to modify the suggestions we receive regarding content.  If we go to the For you tab, which is at the top of the main screen, and scroll to the bottom of it, we will get the "Get better recommendations" function.

  There you will have the possibility to activate or deactivate the keys for the various services available.  Of course, remember that the casting services at the top of the screen are linked to your Google account, so they can be removed from the Google website whenever you want.

  On the other hand, you can add movies and TV shows to your watch list and rate titles for a more personalized experience.  If you click on the list of any title, you can choose to add to the watch list.  You can decide whether you like it or not, and thus adjust the recommendations.


How to customize the Google TV home screen?

  Method 3: Enable Google TV Apps Only Mode

  As you will now be clear, the Google TV home screen is mostly filled with recommendations.  Now, if you're someone who'd rather choose for themselves, say goodbye to those suggestions, you should know that there's an Apps Only mode or something like that, which reduces everything to your own apps and premium items.

  To activate it, you must select your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and enter the settings.  There, in Accounts and Login, you must enter your Google account.  Inside, you can now enable Apps only mode.  A new screen will allow you to return or confirm this indicator, from which all Google recommendations will be hidden.  Also monitor your activity.

  For the same reason, this last trick is useful in terms of customization and privacy.