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How do you control the size of the Amazon Fire Stick?

 How do you control the size of the Amazon Fire Stick?

How do you control the size of the Amazon Fire Stick?

  While it is true that smart TVs are the order of the day, and today we can hardly buy a new TV that does not include these functions, many are still in the home.  Usually, what is done to be able to access various on-demand multimedia content is to use a dongle, such as the Amazon Fire Stick.  If you are looking for a better experience on your TV with this accessory, below we will show you how to control the Amazon Fire Stick volume in several quick and easy ways.

  The interesting thing in this case is that the Fire Stick will not only allow you to play your favorite series and movies when you want to, but you will also be able to manage or manage part of its use without having to have the TV remote control or getting close to a device to do it manually.  You can control the Amazon Fire Stick's volume remotely.

  In fact, we've found that the latest versions of the Fire Stick actually include a remote with volume controls.  But if you have an older version of this dongle, don't worry, because we will still be thinking about some possible solutions that you should pay attention to in these cases.

  Different ways to control the Amazon Fire Stick volume

  Remote control with volume, the best solution

  We mentioned it a bit before, which is that from Amazon's Fire Stick 4K, this dongle actually comes equipped with a remote control with volume controls, as well as a mute button and power switch for the TV.  Thanks to all these elements, interaction with this device is much simpler.

  Those who bought a Fire Stick recently shouldn't have too many problems with it, although if you notice that the remote is not working, it could be related to the incompatibility with the HDMI-CEC protocol.  You must make sure that it is connected to a port that supports CEC.

  And we emphasize this for a very special reason: if you have an older version of Fire Stick, you can still buy the latest remote control without having to renew the dongle, and that's great news.

  Amazon has noticed this need, which is why it is marketing its own remote control apart from the dongle, which you can buy for €29.99 through this link, as a way to solve the problem.

  The only detail you have to keep in mind, in that sense, is that this remote doesn't work with early Fire TV boxes, nor with Fire OS TVs.

  Once you have it, we leave you a tutorial on how to pair your remote control with the Amazon Fire Stick.

  Keep in mind, finally, that many users explain in forums and social networks that they had to insist on this configuration up to three times before they could actually control the volume from the remote.

  Alexa voice commands, another option

  In the event that the first alternative is not satisfactory, we have a second option, which is to take advantage of the voice commands of Alexa, the Amazon assistant, ideal for these uses.

  How do I do it?  You just have to press the button dedicated to the microphone on the Fire Stick remote control, and ask Alexa to increase or decrease the volume according to your interest, which it will do in a few seconds.

  TV remote control is your last resort

  And if your Fire Stick remote is lost or damaged, you should always be left with the ability to use your TV remote, which of course will have the volume controls built in.


  In any case, there is clearly no reason to interrupt the playback of your favorite series or movie to increase or decrease the volume directly from the TV.  You will always have another outlet close at hand.

  With the right size and your favorite content already uploaded, simply search for a meal or drink to accompany the moment, and prepare to enjoy a quiet time at home, ignoring all obligations.

  And you, how do you control the Amazon Fire Stick volume?