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Fix playback issues on Amazon Prime Video

 Fix playback issues on Amazon Prime Video

Fix playback issues on Amazon Prime Video

  Sometimes, when we release some content on Amazon Prime Video, we may encounter messages warning about failures when trying to perform this action.  It is not a problem that appears all the time, but it can arise from time to time and be very annoying to users.  Therefore, in the following lines we will analyze several ways to solve playback problems in Prime Video.

  The first thing to keep in mind, at this point, is that the error is basically an internet connection issue.  However, there may be some other reasons that also cause messages related to various errors to appear.  Don't worry, because there is a way for them to disappear.

  Basically, the following tutorial applies when you encounter the legend

      Video unavailable - We're having a problem playing this video.  For help, visit

Fix playback issues on Amazon Prime Video

  Amazon Prime Video error 1.5

  Possible answers to Prime Video playback problems

  At this point, we'll review some solutions that have worked for Prime Video customers, which they themselves refer to both on forums and social networks.

  Check internet connection

  As we said before, this problem is always related to our internet connection.  So our first suggestion is that you check if it works as it should.  It often happens that we finish watching a chapter normally, and when we want to load the next chapter, the message appears.  This is because the network outage occurred after the first article was loaded, so you should take a look at your router.  In any case, try to open different content until you are sure that the connection is working.

  Restart the Prime Video app

  If you are watching a movie or show in Prime Video app for Windows 10, you are experiencing glitches and your connection is working as it should, we recommend that you restart it.  The simplest thing is to restart it by closing and reopening, or by closing your browser if you accessed your account through the service's website.

  Disable your VPN

  If you are using a VPN to watch Prime Video titles that are not available in your country, this program is likely to cause the error message.  What you can do is change or disable the VPN to see if this way you can prevent the error from persisting.

Fix playback issues on Amazon Prime Video

  Amazon Prime Video Error 2

  If the official Prime Video website is down, you will not be able to access any content in any way.  Therefore, you should make sure that the official website is up and running.  A good way to do this is to use one of the platforms developed specifically for this purpose, such as  All you have to do is enter the address of the service you want to analyze if it works, like, and see the results.  If it is already working, then you should proceed with the other solutions.

  Change playback quality

  If you have a working internet connection, but maybe it's slower than it should be, you may find an explanation for your bad experience with Prime Video there.  What you should do next is stop casting with “better” quality, and bet on one of the simplest solutions we have.  It is true that it is just a patch, and you will be able to restore the best quality of transmission along with a more fluid connection.

  Check your HDMI compatibility

  If you are viewing content on an external monitor connected via an HDMI cable, remember to use an HDCP 1.4 or HDCP 2.2 compliant cable.  If you have HDCP 1.4 and try to upload UHD or HDR content, you will inevitably encounter this error.  In other words, for the avoidance of doubt, DCP 1.4 is compatible with HD content and HDCP 2.2 is compatible with UHD and HDR content.

  Disable browser extensions

  If you have installed various browser extensions related to proxy, VPN and other internet connections, this may be the cause of Prime Video playback problems.  What you should do is separate them.  You can choose to separate them one by one, to see which one is causing the failure, or all at the same time.  In this case, you can then enable them one by one to detect the culprit.

Fix playback issues on Amazon Prime Video

  Amazon Prime Video Error 4

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