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Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

 Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

      Every player in Minecraft needs a base of operations to protect themselves from the dangers of the night.

      But nothing is better than doing it with style and functionality, these easy ideas cool houses for minecraft pe, you will love it.

  When we play Minecraft, having a base is essential for survival.  But that's not why it should be simple and boring, that's why we are going to show you many easy ideas for cool houses for minecraft pe.

  These types of houses are ideal when we want to add mods to Minecraft and play a more complex adventure than we have in the standard survival mode of the game.  Some of these houses are ideal for beginners, others take longer to obtain certain materials, although it is possible to replace them with some easier to obtain.

  10 Cool and Easy Houses for Minecraft

  A little later, we share the best simple and cool houses that you can find in Minecraft.  We can even watch videos about these homes and the construction process to make everything more clear when we get to work.

  Survival Inn

Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  The simplest house you can build, being very useful.  One of the best easy house ideas for Minecraft.

  This design is recommended for beginners, it is very easy to implement and the only thing we will need is wood and flooring.  It is also possible to add rooms to the design and it will not look out of place.  We can also add an area for planting and we can easily reach this place without having to travel at night.

  Small oak house


Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  If we want to create a simple and beautiful house but also useful, then this house is worth a try.  It is built using mainly wood, which is one of the simplest blocks in Minecraft.  Although it can be built with any type of wood, it is best to do it with ordinary and dark oak.

  The only problem with this house is that being made of wood wouldn't have as much resistance.  However, we cannot deny how simple it is and how great it is.

  Stylish and compact CSX42


Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  Called the CSX42, it's a very stylish home, but above all, very small.  It has space for a bed, work table and chest.  It is built of blocks such as wood and stone panels, which means that it is very easy to make in terms of materials.

  The simple cleat house


Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  The good thing about the homes we've seen so far is that they're small, meaning that it doesn't have to have a huge amount of resources to be able to get started.  However, if we want to build something bigger, while keeping it simple, the simple Stud house design is perfect.

  The most complex material that we will have to have to achieve this construction are stone slab stairs, which we can make with paving stones and we will need coal to be able to melt it, although we can use wood anyway.  It's a big house so we can add extra rooms.

  Strong stone house


Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  In the event that we do not want a house in a way that is less likely to withstand damage, the ideal is to build this basic stone house.  It requires common blocks like stone and adds some differences to the final construction, to make it look that much better.

  The house is large and can be used for a while before you decide to change it.  It even ends up being very practical, although aesthetically it may not be up to the standards of the others on the list.

  Simple house to start the game

Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  Perhaps the most beautiful house and one of the easiest buildings in Minecraft.

  We can't deny that it's simple, but equally impressive.  It has a stone base, wooden cubes, a small farmhouse, two floors, plenty of space and a beautiful view, and it's a perfect home to start with.

  It is very likely that we will not be able to build this house in a day, and we will have to have a place to spend the night.  But in the long run, the time invested is totally worth it.  One of the best easy house ideas for Minecraft.

  Simple Foley House for Beginners

Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  Folli's simple start-up house is primarily built from birch, one of the first woods we'll have and one of the simplest.  For this we will need a good ax and start cutting a lot because it will take time to build it, it is very big and very beautiful and has space for a farm of acceptable size.

  TSMC Tree House


Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  Although the design of this home probably doesn't compare much to some of this list.  But we can't deny that TSM's treehouse offers a way to safely protect yourself from monsters at night.  We can use any kind of tree or timber we want.  We could even take a chance and make a second floor.

  small and modern

Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  Very modern easy house and one of the best easy houses to build in Minecraft.

  We can say that despite its small size, it is one of the most complex constructions on the list, but if we get all the necessary resources it can be an excellent investment, this small and modern home will not only provide us with shelter, but will.  It looks amazing too.

  The house has two floors and a swimming pool.  Obviously the pool area can be changed to make it a simple farmhouse.  What makes this home small, modern and functional is that we won't have to put ourselves at risk at night to get to our farm.

  The problem with this house is that it requires white concrete, it needs bone meal, so we'll have to kill some skeletons to get it.  As an alternative, we can use smooth stone blocks instead, although the end result may be slightly different.  One of the great ideas for easy houses that we can make in Minecraft and above, Modern!

  RainbowGamerPE home

Easy Ideas for Cool Houses for Minecraft

  In the case of the RainbowGamerPE house, it is not easy to build in the sense that it requires concrete, although it is possible to replace it with smooth stone.  The thing is, it takes a lot of coal to do all of this, but the house is pretty big so we may never have to move.

  It is very modern, with a stunning and functional design, the pool portion can be converted into a farmhouse for added comfort.