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Correct the error of your SIM card when the mobile phone does not detect it

 Correct the error of your SIM card when the mobile phone does not detect it

Correct the error of your SIM card when the mobile phone does not detect it

  The error is called precisely: "SIM unavailable MM2".  This happens when you insert the SIM card into the mobile and it simply does not detect or recognize it.  In other words, you cannot use the line associated with this card, let alone call your contacts.  Likewise, you may be wondering what could be causing this problem.

  Likewise, you should continue reading in these lines so that you can solve this problem in a satisfactory manner.  We will teach you to correct this error, this way you will avoid problems of this kind over time.

Correct the error of your SIM card when the mobile phone does not detect it

  How does a SIM card work?

  First of all, you should know that SIM cards hold all the information related to your mobile identification.  Specifically with smartphones.  The SIM card is the card that establishes an identification connection in the mobile networks to which this card is connected.

  The main function of the SIM card is the ability to make calls, send messages and, of course, connect your smartphone to any mobile network.  This way, if you don't have any of these associated with a phone number.

  What is the error “SIM card not provided?

  This error is common when the SIM card is not selected correctly (without an associated number).  Likewise, if this error occurs after you have a working SIM card, you should replace it.  In fact, the SIM card may be damaged or simply stop working.

Correct the error of your SIM card when the mobile phone does not detect it

  The causes of this error are usually quite common, if your SIM card is not damaged, it could be due to the following factors:

  First of all, this problem can appear after you buy a new smartphone, with a new SIM card built in.  This problem often occurs when transferring contacts to another new SIM card.  Another problem that often comes up is that mobile networks may have connectivity issues.

  These connections are made through servers, so they should always be online.  We tell you that all service providers must be online at all times, every day.  So if the server has problems, your mobile line will be disabled until the problem is corrected.

  This error is common when the SIM card is locked

  When the SIM card is blocked and inserted in another phone, the error “Invalid SIM card” will appear automatically.  What you should do is open it on the phone where you had it and you can use it normally.

  By this we mean that once you insert the SIM card into your device, it should work properly and almost instantly.  However, in special cases, you are required to activate a new SIM for data and information security reasons.

  Here are some solutions to this error, plus you can prevent future errors of your Sim.

  Start by restarting the phone

  This might be the simplest solution, but it works in some cases.  Try restarting your mobile device and wait for it to turn on again.  After a few moments, the SIM card in your mobile phone will work properly and the error message will disappear.

  Make sure that the SIM card is correctly inserted into your mobile phone

  To get started, you must insert your SIM card into the corresponding slot on your mobile phone.  You should read the instructions for it, because if you insert it wrong, it can get stuck in your device.  Similarly, you can check if the shape of your SIM card matches the slot it is supposed to go in.

  Now, you have to put the card where it has to go on the phone.  To do this, you must turn off the device and remove the SIM card.  Depending on your phone model, the SIM card may appear on either side, (the one that comes with a built-in battery).  If not, you may need to remove the battery to locate it.

  Remove the SIM card from its slot and clean it

  Once you have determined his place of residence, proceed to extract the card.  You can clean it with a dry cotton cloth, so that it does not leave residue when you pass it through the SIM card.  Also, you can make a small blow to it, in order to remove any dust it may contain.  Now, you have to submit it again in the right place.

  Cactus follows, you need to restart your phone and the error should be gone.  If the error persists, you should try the card on another mobile phone or other device that accepts it.  If the error persists, you must replace your card.

  You must activate your card

  This is indeed a rare case, because, as we explained above, the SIM card should be activated automatically.  You must wait at least one day for the activation to succeed.  If the error appears, we give you some options to activate your card.

      You should contact the customer service center of your service provider.

      Similarly, you can send a text message asking for activation.

      We recommend registering on the official website of the service provider.

  These recommendations are very helpful, however some phone line services do not support this type of troubleshooting.  For this reason, you should do your research about the customer support services available to you.

  SIM error not detected

  Contact your mobile network and phone service provider

  If the error persists, then you should contact the customer service of your mobile service provider.  Most providers have one, so calling them shouldn't be a problem.  It sounds obvious, but you have to call from another phone with an active line.  You should give them all the information they ask for and you should also say what you did to try to solve your problem.

Correct the error of your SIM card when the mobile phone does not detect it

  If the problem is with your SIM card activation servers, then your operator will tell you.  If there are problems or delays, it will tell you that this is the cause of your card error.  Therefore, the solution will only be a matter of time.

  If nothing works, you have to buy a new SIM card

  If the previous attempts did not work, then what you need to do is to buy a new SIM card.  These cards can be purchased from all the authorized locations of the service providers, and you can even go to the commercial premises of these providers.  They will perform another diagnosis of your card, this way they will verify that it is indeed faulty.  Otherwise, they will fix the respective error.

  If you buy it anywhere, ask them to install it on your device, so you can be sure they will install it and it will work.  All that remains is to associate the SIM card with the line number you purchased.  In this way, your problem will be completely resolved.