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Choosing a Bluetooth Speaker for Your PC

 Choosing a Bluetooth Speaker for Your PC

Choosing a Bluetooth Speaker for Your PC

      Bluetooth speakers are what most users need to play audio

      Although we have many models with different quality and prices, choosing cheap ones is not a good idea.

      However, in some professional environments or those aimed at it, the quality of the speakers may be insufficient, no matter how good they are, and it is best to bet on studio monitors, such as the Neumann KH 120

  If you have a computer at home from which you can play music or audio content, whether for work or pleasure, you are probably familiar with the importance of bluetooth speakers, or any other device exclusively dedicated to giving you good sensations in what is sound..

  In this article, we intend to delve into the world of computer audio, explain why it's worth investing in a good Bluetooth speaker, and what options you have if you're short, looking for a more professional alternative, and then pass by to consider so-called studio monitors.

  Why invest in a quality bluetooth speaker?

  At this point, no one doubts that Bluetooth speakers are more comfortable and practical than those that use a cable.  However, this also undermines the ultimate perception we can have of our music.

  And while it is true that the latest wireless transmission standards show tangible improvements in terms of internal hardware, resulting in better sound quality, this is not among the cheapest.

  So, while any Bluetooth speaker would be fine for a party with friends where you just want to make the evening more fun with some fashion themes in the background, if you consider yourself an audiophile, things change a bit.

  In fact, people with a special interest in audio recording and reproduction systems often turn to Bluetooth speakers from audio brands, which are intended for this segment and not for others.  This does not mean that traditional companies do not have good speakers, it is just a general idea.

  In any case, investing in a high-quality Bluetooth speaker is worth it because it is the only way to be sure that the audio you hear is the original.  Especially if you plan to record it yourself, it is of paramount importance.

  2 . good bluetooth speakers

Choosing a Bluetooth Speaker for Your PC

  As we said at the beginning of the article, there may come a point where even the best bluetooth speakers are not enough for you.  This is where the so-called studio monitors enter the scene, the next level of sound.

  In fact, it is a fairly common mistake for those who take their first steps in mixing content in a home recording studio, to believe that a speaker can meet their expectations.

  You should know that best-selling Bluetooth speakers are not obligated to maintain balance, which leads to some distortion between bass, mids, and treble, which may affect the quality of your mix.

  On the other hand, audio monitors ensure that what you are listening to is indeed the original audio.  With them, you will avoid deception by working on a track that subsequently does not match the real version of the sound.

  What to consider when buying a studio monitor?

      Size: The dimensions of your studio monitor are a key aspect when considering your purchase, and that means it doesn't make sense to install a monitor that's too big in a small space.  There must be a direct relationship.

      Number of channels: The studio screens are divided according to the number of channels, which can be 2, 3 or 4 channels.  Usually the number of methods is better, but it is better to focus on overall quality rather than just it.

      Active or Passive: Active studio monitors, such as the Neumann KH 120, are more prevalent now, and that's another question you'll need to decide before moving forward.  It is more expensive than the opponents, but better.  How do we differentiate between them?  The assets have an internal amplifier, which makes things easier for us, allowing us to dispense with the need to buy an external amplifier for faithful sound.

      Strength: Strength without quality is useless, but you still shouldn't lose sight of the ultimate power that a studio monitor you're interested in can give you, because you'll appreciate it if you have to force it a bit.