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Axis Infinity sparks fierce debate over the future of video games

 Axis Infinity sparks fierce debate over the future of video games

Axis Infinity sparks fierce debate over the future of video games

  Is Axie Infinity a valid model for what video games could become in the next few years?  The question is in the air thanks, without a doubt, to one of the most successful titles of 2021.  A game based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that has become an ideal way to earn money for many users.  You sign up, buy your first "axe", breed and improve it and then sell it.  A priori is quite simple, although it is not so in practice.  But if you know what kind of universe you're dealing with, you can do it.

  Players should be aware of the type of Axie they are gaining.  This is fundamental, because they will generate all their values ​​around them.  The Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis has made each of these "Pokemon", as they are called in the gaming world, unique and is the way to get a small part of the game.  It has also added daily missions to be able to earn in-game coins, the amount of time spent on the game platform is basically rewarded.  Users earn money through it, as we have already seen in other names like "Cryptokitties".

  The so-called “crypto games” are based on an investment that players make and end up getting their income by revaluing the assets or achieving the goals they achieve in the platform.  Some believe that it is very similar to the so-called mini gambling games that gambling operators have in their catalog.  And they're not quite like that, but they do share the philosophy of playing for the profit later.  And also putting real money on the line in the beginning.  The difference is that in the slot enough a few dollars, while in Axies the cheapest creature will be about $ 200.

Axis Infinity sparks fierce debate over the future of video games

  Thisis one of the flaws of the game that is beginning to appear on everyone's lips.  In this context, we find ourselves in a global pandemic and an economic crisis that requires the exit of citizens of some regions.  Slightly less than half of the users came from the Philippines when Axie collected the data this summer, although many accounts from Latin American countries were also added.  It's an escape trying to combat the situation through online gambling, but a very special getaway.  The future or fashion?  Opinions are very mixed.

  Theories for all tastes

  One of the main drawbacks that users may encounter when starting this game is the amount of products that must be purchased before registering.  An account with Binance or any similar currency exchange that accepts Ethereum;  Or a cryptocurrency wallet to enter your money other than the Ronin wallet, which is the official wallet of the game and into which you have to transfer your money from the other wallet.  For some it is a way to fully immerse yourself in the world of "crypto" and for others it is a real headache.

  To this, we must add that the minimum price for Axie is 0.1 Ethereum, which is approximately $200, according to the currency equivalent at the time of purchase.  It is an important investment and no user can just assume it, which is why a rental market is created where it becomes easy for everyone to access the characters of the game.  These parallel markets pose a danger to some experts and a source of speculation.  Speculation can create bubbles and when it bursts we already know what's going on.

  The truth is that data from Token Terminal, a platform that closely monitors the cryptocurrency market, shows that in April 2021, Axie Infinity had an income of about $700,000.  In May their number reached three million, in June more than 12, and in July the number of bombs reached almost 150 million.  From 17,000 users it went to 200,000 this summer and little by little the followers keep adding.  In fact, the value of the game is based precisely on that.

  Everything in the Axie Infinity marketplace is constantly being appreciated as more and more people are playing it.  What would happen if the trend passed and the number of users decreased?  Those who made an initial investment afterwards may not be able to get it back and lose some of their money.  The video game follows the same trend of tokens and cryptocurrencies, any time their value changes up and down.

  What cannot be ignored is that it opens an interesting path for the future of NFT sales.  It does so thanks to the technological improvements in relation to other previous games which are now hardly competitive.  The gameplay and platform are also very intuitive, as well as the type of game and character encounters that we have not seen before in any other crypto game.  The possibility of using some of its elements to implement it in other titles seems very possible.  But from there to using the wage structure to make money, it seems complicated.  For now.  Although who knows what's to come.