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Apple vs Microsoft Who is better when it comes to security?

 Apple vs Microsoft Who is better when it comes to security?

Apple vs Microsoft Who is better when it comes to security?

      Both companies have their good and bad points.  But who is better when it comes to security?

      We are facing a fairly popular operating system and another that has an interesting market share and a very high security reputation.

  Apple and Microsoft have a variety of high-quality products.  But when it comes to acquiring a computer or mobile device, we will use sensitive and private information;  Obviously we have to worry about security.  So Apple vs Microsoft, who's better when it comes to security?  We'll see it a little lower.

  macOS security from Apple

  With the great reputation behind it, Apple's operating system, macOS, appears to be one of the most secure in all respects.  Apple's M1 chip features a built-in Secure Enclave with security capabilities to protect your iOS devices, including password protection for your login, automatic data encryption, and enhanced file-level encryption.

  Apple is very restrictive when it comes to software, which means that we are somewhat restricted in downloading third-party apps or software to their devices, unless jailbroken.

  Safari internet browser has ad blocking, popup and privacy tracking features that help us stay safe on the internet.

  Apple does not implement a lot of updates constantly, and this is in fact because there are not as many threats to the said operating system as in the case of Windows, for example.

  Microsoft Windows Security

  In 2020, Malwarebytes presented a report showing that Microsoft Windows is still more vulnerable than macOS.  It is considered less secure than other operating systems due to its great popularity and the fact that it is used mostly in business.

  Most companies use Microsoft operating system, which increases the interest of hackers to steal data, etc.  According to NetMarketShare statistics, almost 90% of the market uses Windows, while only 10% uses Mac computers, which means that for a hacker, the focus on Microsoft OS is more “profitable”.

  Windows allows you to install many third-party applications, which is an advantage in some ways, but often makes you more vulnerable to malware.

  Microsoft Edge, the default browser for Windows, is largely secure because it uses the same design code as Google Chrome.  It has a "super security" mode which is a feature that disables the JIT interpreter (just in time).

  Microsoft Windows hasn't seen a huge increase in threats compared to Apple macOS.  But that doesn't mean that any Windows device is devoid of these things.  Most threats exploit system weaknesses.  This is why it is important to keep it updated.

  Windows contains proactive security patches and is constantly released.  This is due to the number of cyberattacks operating on this system.  Again this is due to its huge popularity.

  Which one is safer?  Apple vs Microsoft

  We have to take into account a few things and we will see some advantages and disadvantages of both operating systems.

  Apple Mac

  Advantage: lower attack rate, flawless browser security and easy to use

  Disadvantage: Considering Apple's reputation for security;  Many of its users don't care much about security;  Which can increase the threat level, the lack of update cycles (indicating security patches) exacerbates this situation.

  It's a simpler platform for most people, requires fewer updates, less effort, and is easier to navigate and maintain.

  Microsoft Windows

  Feature: Constant updates, increased compatibility with apps and games.

  Disadvantage: Being so common, it is normal for most hackers to target this operating system, which increases the threat level.  However, Microsoft is interested in releasing proactive updates, which is a very positive thing.

  If we had to answer this question, Apple vs Microsoft?  Then simply Apple.  It provides better security for the collection - a well-designed system with a lot of security behind it and less concern from hackers.  However, just because it is better does not mean that there are no threats.  It remains vulnerable to malware and other attacks.  what do you think?