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Where to see the Ibai Balloon Cycle and Piqué Table and Links

 Where to see the Ibai Balloon Cycle and Piqué Table and Links


Where to see the Ibai Balloon Cycle and Piqué Table and Links

  The first World Balloon Championship is here.  Although the concept may sound somewhat shocking, the anticipation does not stop growing and no doubt is called upon to be one of the great events that will mark another milestone in the age of broadcasting.  The reality is that the Balloon World Cup dimension is once again competing, at least in our minds, with its own broadcasts from traditional media.

  Because this tournament is nothing less.  Behind him stand Ibai and Piqué, the organizers of this adventure, who will have other known names to finish forming.


  Where and when can I watch the Balloon Tournament?

  The Balloon World Cup begins on Thursday, October 14, 2021 and can be followed on Ibai's Twitch channel:

  Who participates in the Balloon World Cup?

  Although 24 countries were initially announced, 32 countries will have a representative in the first World Balloon Championships.  Among them:









      Chili pepper







      Equatorial Guinea









      United kingdom





      United State


  As for the team and the organization, the team consists of the following names:


  What are the Balloon World Cup rules?

  The game mainly consists of ensuring that the opponent cannot keep the balloon in the air.  To do this, the participants must hit the balloon - the same height or up, it is not allowed to drop it down - in turns to make it difficult for the other player to not be able to hit it.  Here there is no difference, it is 1 against 1.

  To give us an idea, let's think of something like volleyball but without a net or a court.  One opponent passes it to the other, which is generally a bad idea, because his goal is not to be able to touch the balloon.

  If the balloon touches the ground, the other player scores a point.  Then to win the match, whoever collects three points wins.  Except for the final, which would be the top five.

  To make sure the points are correct, there will be a referee present who will assess plays and strokes when in doubt.

  In this way, each match is estimated to last about 5 minutes, although depending on the skill of each participant, the match can be extended indefinitely.

  Where is the World Balloon Championship (physical) played?

  World Cup stage balloon

  To implement the Balloon World Cup, a specially designed kit was created for this event.

  Described from right to left, the first thing we see is the commentators' table and right in front of it, a room that will be used as the room where the meetings will be held.

  Inside this cabin (enclosed by four glass walls) there will be elements that will hinder the game, such as tables, sofas, fans ... in order to add an interesting touch to each game.  Outside the hall, you will be surrounded by various cameras, where the tournament will take place.

  The left part of the group is for discerning guests (sofas) and the bar area.  Finally, the audience amphitheater, which has about 400 participants, is located in the upper right wing.

  Of course, the final will take place in PortAventura.

  Where did the idea of ​​the Balloon World Cup come from?

  Basically, the idea comes from a video that went viral on TikTok and on social media a few months ago.  In it, we see how two young men take turns hitting a balloon to try to keep it in the air and prevent it from falling to the ground.

  Soon, Ibai and Piqué announced the Balloon World Cup, a world tournament modified for this video.