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Use the filter that turns your face into a Disney drawing

 Use the filter that turns your face into a Disney drawing

Use the filter that turns your face into a Disney drawing

  You've seen him on Twitter and Instagram for sure.  If the filter that made you a Simpsons character became popular a few months ago, today's twist on the same concept but applies to Disney.

  In fact, social networks are filled with images that are passed through a filter that analyzes the face of the image and turns it into a 3D drawing, mimicking the style of most Disney films.

  Be a Disney princess with this filter:

  Disney photo filter example

  What is remarkable about this filter is the results, as we can hardly distinguish them from the original characters of the famous company.

  To be able to use it with your photos, just go to and upload your photo.  You don't need to download or install any app, you can do the whole process from the website itself.

  Keep in mind that although it is a free service, you only have one "credit" to use without registration, that is, you can only try an image without going through the box.

  Once the algorithm analyzes your image, it will return your drawing and you can download it either individually or in comparison with the original image.

  It should be noted that is, in fact, an online service with which it is possible to get rid of the background of your photos, although recently it has launched other functions such as those that are of interest to us today.

  Snapchat also has one (or several) identical filters

  On the other hand, if you run out of credits and don't want to pay for the service, it should be noted that Snapchat also has a very similar lens, and in fact, it has been popular for months.

  Snapchat cartoon filters:

  In addition, the advantage of Snapchat is that you can use it on the video, the ability to animate the effect in real time, and thus get a more visible result.

      To use this Snapchat filter, we download the app to our smartphone (iPhone, Android).

      We log in or register if this is our first time using Snapchat.

      In the main menu of the application we touch the face icon that gives us access to the filters.

      We click on explore.

      In the search engine, we enter the term Cartoon.

      Several results will appear, Cartoon 3D Style and Cartoon lenses are the most similar to Disney style.

  By selecting the filter, you can instantly use it with both front and back cameras, and even apply it to photos you've already saved to your gallery.  Of course, its use is completely free and without limits.