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Turn your photo into a sketch of The Simpsons using this app

 Turn your photo into a sketch of The Simpsons using this app


Turn your photo into a sketch of The Simpsons using this app

  Artificial intelligence never ceases to surprise us in various disciplines;  Today, he does it in painting.  Because before the artist captured your features for a caricature of your face and/or body, now AI does it in a matter of seconds and with different styles to choose from.  This is the state of the app "The Simpsons Makes You" i.e. it turns you into a Simpsons character by simply sending a picture of yourself.

  And the funny thing is that in most cases, the result is surprisingly successful.  So, if you've ever wondered what it would be like to be in the popular anime series in one of the typical cameos, you might already know.

  ToonMe is the app that turns you into a character from The Simpsons (and other cartoon series) with just one picture

  The app is very easy to use because, as we say, it only requires a photo of you (or whoever you want) to work.  Obviously, the easier it is for AI, the better the results.  That is: the ideal is to choose a photo of good quality, so that the subject is well lit and in front of it, although the latter is not a prerequisite.

  However, in ToonMe we have to go to the section to the left of everything, where we have to choose the image we want to convert.

  Once selected, the app will start processing it and converting it into a Disney-style drawing, but to get to The Simpsons we'll have to check the orange Labs box to the right of everything, in the top area.

  When we enter the Labs section, it will allow us to choose the Simpsons filter (among other experimental filters) in the boxes in the top bar.

  After processing and if we like the result, we can save the image to the gallery by clicking Download in HD.

  As the application itself indicates, this type of filter is still in the development stage and does not promise a valid operation, however, as we indicated before, in most cases it presents a really faithful caricature of what our character would be like in Matt.  Groning.


  Download ToonMe for iPhone and Android

  Be careful because as soon as you open the app after installing it, the screen will ask us if we want to subscribe to ToonMe Pro (about 20 euros per year) with a 3-day free trial;  It is not necessary to sign up to use this Simpsons filter and you can decline the offer by tapping the semi-hidden X in the top corner of the screen.  Keep this in mind so you don't panic later.

  However, you can download the ToonMe app for free for iPhone and iPad from the App Store, as well as on Android smartphones and tablets from Google Play.

  Download futbin Download futbin:

  If you are a user of a Huawei device without Google services, unfortunately ToonMe is not available in the AppGallery but you can use it by entering their website directly from a computer or from your phone/tablet browser.

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