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This site turns your self-portrait into an artistic image

 This site turns your self-portrait into an artistic image


This site turns your self-portrait into an artistic image

  Have you ever been told that you are a work of art?  Well, now you can literally be more (or less) an expression thanks to artificial intelligence.  I have taken an algorithm of 6 and 4 more, which is able to create a photo in the purest style of Velazquez just by sending a selfie;  You can check the result in the comparison topping this article.  It's mind boggling.

  Because if you thought you've already seen everything in this AI (from the filter that makes you age to the filter that can restore pixelated images), a new viral trick appears that makes us check everything.

 website where you will see a

 small box where you can upload your images;  Be warned, if you're browsing from an iPhone or iPad, you'll have to download its official app, although it's also useful to set your browser to PC/Desktop mode if you don't want to install the app.

  Selfie Portrait Oil Painting:

  Basically, the web recommends choosing images in which the head is completely visible, that is, uncut.  They also do not recommend uploading selfies in which the person is wearing sunglasses or other accessories that interfere with the facial recognition the filter will be working on.  From experience, if the photo is of sufficient quality and well framed, the glasses are usually not a problem (although they will not show up in the photo).

  Then, depending on the activity of the servers (currently rather busy and unstable due to anger), the result will appear in a few seconds with the possibility of downloading a single image or in a comparison of the original image and the image created by artificial intelligence that delights strangers.


  Moreover, once your photo is processed, it is possible to order a second selfie in a different style, thus getting the view of several "painters" of the same photo.

  And that will be it.  You will already have your image ready to be used wherever you want.  The author of the service suggests using it as a profile picture for social networks or platforms in which you do not want to associate your real face with your information.  And speaking of information, it is worth noting that from the iOS app you can request that your photos be deleted from the PortraitAI servers.

  Same idea, but with your cartoon version

  In the same way we saw with the oil pictures, on we can get your anime version.

  Here it is also advisable to upload close-up photos where the background is as linear as possible, although we already expect that the results are not as impressive as in the previous proposal, but disastrous.