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Save Instagram post to gallery

 Save Instagram post to gallery


Save Instagram post to gallery

  The most common thing is that when you upload a photo to this social network, it is already saved to your phone, however, we will tell you how to save the Instagram post to the gallery in case you want, for example, to get it with your changes: cropping, filtering, brightness,  color adjustments, etc.  from the app.

  You have to keep in mind that when posting to this social network, you can do it directly from the app, taking the photo (or video) at the moment, or from your phone's gallery, where the photos you previously recorded are located.  This will depend on your choice and the degree of spontaneity/insight with which you carry your social network.  If you are not familiar with these concepts, we recommend that you start by reading these tips for beginners.  If you have already passed this level, keep reading!

  How to save Instagram post to gallery:

  To learn how to save an Instagram post to the gallery, you will have to make some changes in the settings of your app.  Thus, all the photos you publish will be automatically saved to your phone with all the changes you have made, whether in the application's photo editor, or in another external photo editor you use for it.  Let's go step by step!

      Enter the application and go to the main menu (the three lines that appear in the upper right).

      Once the drop-down menu is open, click on Settings, as shown in the following image:

      On the next screen, tap Account.  Once inside select "original publications".

      You will see that a new screen opens with three different options.  So that everything you post to your account stays on a reel, leave all three selected.

      The first option, "Save original publications", is used so that it is also saved to your phone when you take a photo directly from the Publications section.

      The second, "Save Published Images", so that images uploaded to the News section are automatically saved to your gallery as you have posted them.

      And the last one, "Save Posted Videos", is exactly the same as the previous one, but with videos.

  To learn how to save an Instagram draft to the gallery, we first explain how to save a draft.  It's a post that you're editing to upload to your profile, but for whatever reason, you'll have to leave it for later.  What should be done so that it is not lost?

  Important: The first thing you should know is that if you don't make any changes to the image (such as putting a filter, as in the following example), the draft will not be saved.  The explanation is simple: you already have exactly the same image in your gallery.

  If you make changes and click the back arrow, the app, with a popup, will ask you if you want to save the image to drafts or not.  Click Yes.

  When you go back to the app and give it to publish, two options will appear: publish from gallery, or from drafts (if this second option does not appear, you may not have saved it correctly or you may have to wait a few minutes for it to load).  Once in the drafts, you can continue to edit, post or delete the photos.

  However, Instagram does not have a function that enables it to save drafts to your phone, unless you publish them, so the simplest trick, for example, if you want to post to another social network using Instagram filters, is to open the edited photo from the drafts and take a screenshot.

  How to save Instagram Stories to gallery

  Learning how to save Instagram stories to the gallery is much easier than in the case of drafts.  Well, the app itself gives you the option to download videos, whether they are posted on your profile or not.  Let's go in parts!

      Enter Instagram stories and create your own post, be it a video or a photo, that you are doing at the moment or that you have saved in the gallery.

      Before posting, you can save your story by clicking on the download icon: down arrow that you will find in the top menu of Instagram stories.

      If you have already published the story and want to save it for later: enter the story, click on the three dots that appear at the bottom right and in the drop-down menu that opens, click on “Save photo” (or video).  And so your story will also be in your gallery!

  How to save Instagram file in gallery:

  Finally, knowing how to save an Instagram reel to the gallery is as simple as saving a repository;  So if you "go past" the previous point, you'll have crossed that point too.  The figure is almost identical, however, we separate it point by point:

      Enter Instagram and select the reels to create your own.

      Record it and press "Preview".  On this screen, you will be able to view the result of your video and, as with stories, you will see that on this screen there is a down arrow.  If you click on it, the reels will be downloaded.  that simple!