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Put your face in movie scenes and legendary memes with this app

 Put your face in movie scenes and legendary memes with this app


Put your face in movie scenes and legendary memes with this app

  You may have already seen it on the networks or a friend passed it on to you.  Recently appeared an application that allows us to include our face in the most popular GIF on the Internet, making us a star in the legendary memes of recent years or the most famous movie scenes of the seventh art.

  All of this, we expect, originates from an app called Morphin capable of practicing this digital surgery so that, with a single front-facing image of our face, it can be superimposed on the face of Tony Stark, Game of Thrones heroes or Vincent himself Vega in the meme known as Confused Travolta.


  The application is very simple, although it requires a fairly powerful smartphone to function properly.

  Once it is installed, we will have to log in (with a Google or Twitter account) or create an account by entering our email.  When we're already inside, the chat replay will bring up the app and prompt us to take a front photo with a neutral face and a flat background so the results are more relevant.

  It is worth noting that later we can add photos from the gallery, in case we want to make a montage with the faces of our friends.

  Once this is done, Morphin provides a large number of GIFs (it is not possible to add your own images) with which you can replace the face of the protagonist;  It will be enough to select our favorite animation and wait for the application to finish working (to make the processing more pleasant, they will show us a quiz with great questions and details).

  After a few minutes we will see the result, where we will be able to download it or share it through typical social applications.

  Basically, as you have seen, the developers created a CGI character that replaces the main theme of the scene and in which they incorporated the face of our image, which is why the graphic appearance is more reminiscent of a video game recreation than a pure and difficult face replacement.

  You can download Morphin for free (and without ads!)

  Unlike similar apps, Morphin is completely free and also does not contain any kind of restrictions or no ads or paid content.  Does this mean we are the product?  In part, they understood our face, something not many would miss.

  But what does Uraniom (the French company behind the app) say about managing our data?  In principle, the most amazing thing is that they store our information (e-mail, name, selfie, photos that we share with the application) on European servers only and exclusively for the correct use of the application and do not share it with anyone;  Neither with private companies nor with advertisers.

  Likewise, they cancel it once you unsubscribe from the service.  So, if you are worried about what might happen to your face, once you get the juice out of the app, you can go to Morphin/Settings/Unsuscribe/Delete account and list personal data to delete it from their servers.

  Coming back to the topic at hand, you can download Morphin on both Android and iOS devices;  Of course, we remember that it requires a certain performance, so not all phones can handle it.