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Is it profitable to change a broken screen to a laptop?

 Is it profitable to change a broken screen to a laptop?


Is it profitable to change a broken screen to a laptop?

  If you are thinking of changing the broken screen to a laptop, this may be an issue that worries you excessively.  And it is true that everything that indicates the screen is trembling, because it is usually one of the most expensive repairs and sometimes not even covered by the technical service or insurance we contracted with.  Don't panic.  If your SAT budget goes up, know that it's usually profitable to be the one who dares to change a broken screen into a laptop.  You just have to get laptop parts and a little focus and time.

  Change the broken screen to a laptop or take it to a repair service, which is better?

  Many people always choose to take their computers to a repair service, for simplicity and for a guarantee that they will be in perfect condition.  This is undoubtedly interesting if you are not proficient or if you do not have any knowledge of the subject.

  However, there is another option that we sometimes do not appreciate and it is more profitable.  Performing the repair ourselves does not have to be as complicated as it may seem.  For example, changing the screen, while it might seem like a pretty big fix, isn't that hard.  It is true that it is a very delicate piece, and according to the team it may take us a long time or less, but it is a priori simple and above all very profitable.  This is one of the most expensive repairs in PC repair services, and as you'll see, the part doesn't cost much.

Is it profitable to change a broken screen to a laptop?

  broken computer:

  The first thing you need to do is buy a laptop monitor that is compatible with your computer.  The general price can be around 70 euros, and it's brand new.

  To choose the best, you need to consider such issues:

      Inch: Any size you need to embed the screen into your computer chassis

      Connector type: Normally standard, but check compatibility well.

      Required resolution: HD, Full HD ... Keep in mind that computers must also be compatible with the resolution you choose.  You can't put 4K if your team is only moving in Full HD.

      New or Used: To make sure it doesn't present any kind of problem, new problems are most specific.

  Tips for changing the screen to a laptop:

  The process of changing it requires being a bit subtle and not caring and that's it.  Make sure not to cut any other connectors in the way.  It is important that you always do this with the battery removed and the laptop unplugged.

  You will need some kind of flat knife or flat card to take off the screen little by little.  Keep the stickers you find to bring back when you want to close.  Using a screwdriver, remove the screws and disconnect the connector to which the broken screen is attached.  Make the change to the new screen and close it again.