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 Instagram Reels: Save videos to


Instagram Reels: Save videos to

  Social media has been a huge hit during the COVID-19 pandemic.  One of the best examples of this is TikTok, which currently has over a billion users.  In order not to be left out of this growing trend, Instagram has created its own tool for this type of content, Reels, which is a strong competitor to TikTok.

  Instagram is gaining ground and many users have started creating a posting schedule thanks to the Drafts feature, which allows them to record and edit videos and then save them for later posting.

  Videos saved in the Drafts folder are not made available to followers and remain as left by the user, without losing any edits or subtitles already made at the time of recording.

  How to save the reel in the Drafts folder:

  1 - Open the Instagram application, available for Android and iOS mobile phones;

  2 - in the first tab, click on the “+” icon at the top of the screen;

  3 - Drag the screen to the Reels option, record the video and edit it as you wish;

  4 - click on the icon to continue;

  5 - On the next page, choose the option “Save Draft”.

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  How to access Reel Drafts:

  1 - Open your profile by clicking on your photo in the lower right corner;

  2 - Click on the Reels icon and then on Drafts;

  3 - Select the video you want to post and follow the procedure to post;

  4 - If you want to delete any video from Drafts folder, click on Select;

  5 - Check the reels you want to delete and then click "Ignore".

  ready!  Now you know how to save drafts from Instagram Reels to organize your posting schedule on the platform.