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 FilmoraGO Android Video Editing Software

FilmoraGO Android Video Editing Software

  Filmora go comes a time when we want to advance in the world of video editing and the editor that comes standard on Android is not entirely convenient.  In the Google Play Store there are many applications that allow us to change videos similar to YouTube, but if we had to choose one among the best video editors for Android, we would choose FilmoraGO.

  The app in question might not be the one that offers the most customization options, but it's the most user-friendly video editing app for Android we've come across in a long time.  And all this without giving up the various control options that give

  Our videos are very professional looking.

  FilmoraGo - Video Editor, Video Maker


  Once you start the app, you can choose between creating a new clip or editing a clip you've already made.  From now on, the application itself will guide you through the best options for editing your video.  At this point we find two different sections, an overview of your full video, the ability to add transitions and music, and most interestingly, preset themes that completely change the aesthetics of your video without having to do practically anything.

  Here you can also choose the display format and edit the clips that make up the video one by one, which brings us to the second section of the video editor for Android.

  The individual editing capabilities of each clip are enormous.  You can shorten the video in question using a timeline similar to that found in apps like Instagram.  You can add a title to the clip from among more than 16 presets the app offers, create in-image text, add a PiP image, change audio channels (thus eliminating sounds and leaving out the music, for example) and even combine filters as if it were any shooting app.  photographic.

  Of course, once you have chosen the operation to perform, you must click Next in order for it to be applied to the clip.  You can repeat these processes as many times as you like in all the videos that finish forming the final FilmoraGO project.

  The downside of the application is that when you save a project, a watermark is added to the end of it, but in this case we can shorten the clip using the Android video editor that is installed on your phone by default.

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