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Filmmaker Pro, a professional video editor for devices

 Filmmaker Pro, a professional video editor for devices


Filmmaker Pro, a professional video editor for devices

  If you want a professional level video editor for your device, then you should take a look at Filmmaker Pro, which includes a large number of options to get a good result.  Filmmaker Pro strives to bring you a professional video editor on iOS.

  Advanced video editing software is usually for Windows or Mac, but Filmmaker Pro offers a similar experience on the go.  And sometimes we can see ourselves in a hurry and have to work on the iPhone, not to mention the iPad Pro getting more versatile each time.

  Filmmaker Pro goes beyond the basic functions of cutting, joining and adjusting videos.  It is a complete program that works with a timeline interface like a professional editor on a computer, and supports layers to organize ourselves better.

  The functions of Filmmaker Pro are numerous, as it adapts to the touch screen with as many options as possible from a standard editor.

  Among our notable features are:

  Support 4K videos from iPhone 6/6 Plus/SE onwards.

      Choose the ratio, frame rate, and slow or fast motion options.

      Photo filters and transition effects included.

      Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, and white balance.

      PIP (Video on Video) function.

      Chroma compatible with special effects.

      The ability to add titles and texts.

      Includes illustrations, stickers, and a drawing tool compatible with Apple Pencil.

  Filmmaker Pro is free to download, but it puts a watermark on our edited videos which forces us to pay for serious use.  For 32.99 euros in one go the watermark is removed, and for 35.99 euros a year we also enjoy extras such as music, animations, filters, fonts...

  If you are looking for a professional video editor for your iPhone or iPad, with Filmmaker Pro you will have many options to achieve the final quality.  Although the simplest ideas sometimes win out on social media, a professional level tool always helps.

      Download Filmmaker Pro for iPhone/iPad androuid