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 Edit videos on your mobile phone with VivaVideo


Edit videos on your mobile phone with VivaVideo

  It's hard to see mobile video editing software that helps you out of trouble when you don't have a computer at hand, so in this article we'll discover VivaVideo, an app with many options for unofficial video editing.

  VivaVideo is an app focused on all audiences, so you don't need to be a Kubrick to learn how to use it.

  Right from the start we can record directly from VivaVideo, add effects to be superimposed on the screen, filters like Instagram, music like Dubsmash or typical effects like fish-eye, mosaic, etc...

  Another essential feature is to edit the videos that you have stored on your mobile, videos that we can cut and rotate among the basic options and add presentations, filters, replace audio with music, dub it with your voice, add text, stickers, transitions and add a new clip.


Edit videos on your mobile phone with VivaVideo

  VivaVideo includes other very interesting features

  If you are looking for an app to create a photo movie/slideshow, then VivaVideo is your editor.  By selecting the series of images you want and making a few clicks, you'll have your presentation ready with effects and transitions, plus the ability to decide how long you want to go from one image to the next.

  VivaVideo does not end here, as it has an interesting option called PIP, or what is the same, a type of video sticker.  Select or record two videos and mount them into the template you like the most, there are so many!

  Selfies are hotter than ever, but what about a selfie video?  VivaVideo has many pre-made effects for a perfect selfie video, as well as some settings to increase your beauty in front of the camera.

  VivaVideo, it's now possible to edit iOS and Android videos!:

  Do you want to experience these features on your mobile phone?  Download VivaVideo from both Google Play and iTunes!

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