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Download Reface [Free] to put your face in popular videos

 Download Reface [Free] to put your face in popular videos


Download Reface [Free] to put your face in popular videos

  One way to make the app go viral is for influencers to start using it.  Surely today you saw AuronPlay or Ibai putting their faces in different videos.  Well, they did it after downloading Reface.  Do you want to be the new Iron Man?  Well, rest assured we will tell you how.

  For years, we've found apps that allow us to put our faces into montages, or add amazing effects.  Certainly the best known is FaceApp, which has become a candidate to become a really famous grandfather or grandmother.  Well, today we are going one step further.

  Reface is an app that works like a charm

  We always say that the secret of the application is based on two pillars.  First of all introduce something interesting, in this case put our faces in famous videos, then make it easy to use.  As you will see here now, the two requirements are fulfilled and this app does that really well.

  The first thing they will ask us after downloading the Reface app is if we want the premium version of the app.  You will see that there are different price packages but the interesting thing is that we can start with a trial period of 3 days.  Give it here and get started.

  Download the face app:

  The app will ask us to take a selfie.  We'll have a round where we have to fit our face.  This is the hardest part in using this app.  Once done, it will suggest appearing in different videos.

  One of the most famous of them is the Iron Man character, as we can see how the character played by Robert Downey Jr. appears in different scenes with our face.  The truth is really wonderful.  Also below the video there is a button to save the clip to the gallery and then use it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or wherever we like.

  How to download Reface app fast, free and easy?

  We have already told you that this app has in-service purchases, but downloading it is free.  You can all try it without a problem.  It is also available for both Android and iOS, so you can use it whatever your mobile phone is.  Here are the Reface download links.