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Download Pokémon Unite, the free MOBA game for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

 Download Pokémon Unite, the free MOBA game for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch


Download Pokémon Unite, the free MOBA game for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

  A little over a year ago, we learned of one of the most unexpected Pokémon games.  It's about Pokémon Unite, a title that we can download for free for the Nintendo Switch that will also launch on mobile devices and tablets, as it is free to play on all platforms.  Now, the above batch is already available and as one might expect, it is a huge hit.

  The Pokémon Company wanted to tackle this type of MOBA, directed by greats like League of Legends or Arena of Valor, where two teams of 5 against 5 creatures fight each other in 10-minute games.

  What is pokemon unite exactly?  How do the games work?

  As we say, this game completely departs from the classic installments of the franchise and even Pokémon GO, with MOBA as the base.

  In Unite, we will have to form a team of 5 Pokemon before starting the game, and the opponent will perform the same action.  Thus, the game runs in real time where strategy prevails above all.

  Since the pokemon grows during the game itself, learning new attacks that we have previously selected can help us determine the end result.  In addition, we can also improve it based on the objects.

  The goal, in addition to defeating the wild Pokemon that appears and those of the other team, is to get as much energy as they drop when defeated, and take it to our base to score points.  Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

  Thus, we can unlock new outfits and more Pokemon we can add to our team.

  Download Pokémon Unite for Android, iPhone or iPad and Nintendo Switch

  Oddly enough, The Pokémon Company hasn't set a release date for Pokémon Unite for PC, given that a large portion of the audience that frequents the MOBA genre usually does so on PC.

  Be that as it may, the mobile market is one that is clearly expanding and we have already seen how the standard recently also launched a version for smartphones and tablets.  That's why Pokémon Unite will also launch on Android and iOS expected in September, in addition to the Nintendo Switch where it had a small temporary exclusive, downloadable from last July 21.

      Pokemon Unite for Nintendo Switch: eShop

      Pokémon Unite for Android: Google Play

      Pokémon Unite for iPhone and iPad:

  App Store:

  In the case of Android, as usual, the APK for Pokémon Unite has been leaked on the Internet and can now be downloaded and installed on our stations.  However, this APK file comes from the Japanese version where the beta version is available.

  Finally, keep in mind that while Pokémon Unite can be downloaded and played for free, it has optional in-app purchases.  A permanent internet connection is also required to play it (subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service is not required for the Nintendo Switch).