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Download Instagram Stories: Step by step to save your content and from other accounts

 Download Instagram Stories: Step by step to save your content and from other accounts


Download Instagram Stories: Step by step to save your content and from other accounts

  When the Stories feature was launched in August 2016, many were skeptical and didn't even think about the need to download Instagram Stories.

  The successful Snapchat was built entirely on the Stories model and many thought Instagram would go down.

  Instead, it only took a year for the number of Instagram Stories to surpass Snapchat messages.  In January 2019, the number of users grew to over 500 million daily users compared to Snapchat, which had just 173 million.

  This is almost half of the 1 billion total daily users of the social network.  Additionally, half of the businesses on Instagram have produced a Story in the past month.

  Users under the age of 25 increased their average daily use of Stories to 32 minutes, while those over the age of 25 had an average daily use of Stories.

  Next, we will see the different ways to save your Instagram stories, as well as those of other accounts on iOS and Android devices, and even from the computer.

  Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world.

   By downloading Instagram Stories from other accounts:

  For photos or still images, the easiest way to download Instagram Stories is simply by taking a screenshot.

  There are many instructions on how to take screenshots on iOS and Android, but you probably already know how to do it when downloading Stories from the social network.

  Unlike Snapchat, users do not receive a notification when a screen captures of content they have shared with all of their followers, even if their profile is private.  An essential privacy feature when downloading Instagram Stories.

  The only trick with this social network is that you have to prevent the story from running long enough to take the screenshot.

  To do this, hold the screen with your finger to prevent it from advancing and to erase the interface elements that you do not want to capture.

  And how to download third-party videos from Instagram

  Downloading video stories from other accounts is a bit more complicated and requires the use of a third-party app or software.

  There are many programs that you can use for this purpose, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  These include apps like Story Saver and Weynstag.

  For the purpose of this note, we will consider the most suitable applications and software that you can use to save Instagram video stories on iOS and Android, as well as on the desktop.

  To save stories if you have Android:

  For Android, Story Saver is one of the easiest to use apps to save Instagram content.  The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and only uses 14MB of storage space on your phone.

  Download the app and sign in with your account to get started.  You can also log in with Facebook to download Facebook Stories.  Once logged in, you can scroll through all the content posted on the homepage by the users you follow.

  You can also search for other users using the search bar.  Just select the video or photo you want and click "Save".  The image will be saved to the Story Saver folder that was created on your phone.

  advertising problem

  There are no in-app purchases in Story Saver, but the only downside is that it uses ads and a lot of it.  Unfortunately, this is a feature of most download apps.

  It saves stories from other accounts completely anonymously, but the app encourages users to make sure they have permission from the person who owns the content, especially if they intend to share it elsewhere.

  If you want to do that, you can simply use Instagram's Share Story feature.  Story Saver also has a pretty decent desktop website which we'll get to later.

  To download Instagram Stories on iOS:

  When it comes to your iPhone, there are also many apps that you can use to save Instagram content, but one of the easiest to use is Story Reloader.  The app is completely free in the App Store or if you want to download Stories, you can upgrade to the Pro package for $3.99.

  Story Reloader recently released a new app with the ability to search and view stories anonymously.  This means that you can view the content without being noticed, for whatever reason you might want to.  The app takes up about 23MB of storage space.

  To download and save, the app is easy to use and you don't need to log into your Instagram account.  Just remember to allow it to access your iPhone photo library.  You can do this in your phone's Settings app.

  On your iPhone or iPad

  To get started, search for your Instagram username or ID.  From the search page, select the profile.  You'll see a list of all the stories they've posted in the past 24 hours, whether photos or videos.

  Touch a story you want to download.  Press the Share button and select Save Image or Save Video.  You should keep in mind that the app only serves to save content posted by public profiles.

  In addition to reposting photos and videos on Instagram, you can also share them on Twitter and Facebook, or basically any service connected to your iPhone's share list (such as email, WhatsApp, or iMessage).

  Simply click on the share button to bring up the options menu, then choose "More" to see the full list.

  Free software annoyance

  Story Reloader also uses ads which can be somewhat annoying.  Unfortunately, this seems to be standard practice with these apps and in compensation for getting the service for free.

  Another downside to Story Reacher is that you won't automatically see the stories of the people you follow, and if you're trying to view and save content from multiple different users, it will take a while to search for all of them individually.

  Save Instagram Stories to PC:

  If you are working from your computer, there are many options for saving Instagram stories.  Most of the applications analyzed have their own website which can do the same work as the mobile application.

  For example, Story Saver has a simple website that allows you to download content in less than three steps.  It is completely anonymous and you do not need to log in with your Instagram account.

  Another useful site to use for this is StoryDownloader, which works on the same premise.  By entering the username of the person whose content you want to download, the site generates all active stories for that user.  You can then simply click "Download".

  So you can download Instagram Stories from Chrome

  If you think you will be downloading Stories regularly, you may also consider installing a browser plugin.  StoryDownloader has a Chrome plugin for Instagram that works just fine.

  Cover and add download buttons as well as posts and even full accounts.

  The extension allows you to download individual videos or photos from Stories or entire stories.  Then save the .zip folder to your hard drive containing the individual publications.  If backing up your entire Instagram account is something that interests you, this is also a good option to consider.

  You can also use the . extension

  The StoriesIG Chrome extension is another good option for the desktop.  Simply download the Chrome IG extension, find the username of the profile you want to save a story from, right-click on the user icon and "download".

  An Instagram user whose content you downloaded using the Chrome IG extension will not know that you saw your story, let alone that you downloaded it.

  All of these sites and apps do pretty much the same thing, with minimal differences, so pick the one that's most comfortable for you.

  Whether you want to save moments you had with your friends or want to collect stories that inspired you.  Or if you want to do competitive research, these apps will save you time and let you do it.

  Download Instagram content:

  When it comes to live videos on Instagram Stories, all the same apps work exactly the same way.  You can download the story as a regular video, but keep in mind that the live content can be much longer and take up much more space on your device.

  Another very simple way to save a live video stream is to capture it while it is playing on your device screen.  There are many screen recording apps available for both desktop and mobile users.

  For desktop Macs, the new Control Center in iOS 11 comes with a built-in recording feature, so you don't even need to install another app.  iPhone users can get iOS screen recorder for free.

  For Android, DU Recorder is one of the most powerful free apps, a screen recorder and video editor with many useful features.  DU Recorder is ad-supported so it is completely free and does not require root access to work.

  Why is it convenient to save Instagram stories?

  Instagram Stories is the place for you, be it an individual promoting their personal brand or a company looking to convert users into customers.

  Many have learned to expertly use this social network as it has become an integral part of their social media marketing strategy.  With this comes the need to save photos and videos from one's account, as well as from the accounts of others.

  While the company does not allow users to download Instagram Stories from other accounts for privacy reasons, there are legitimate reasons for wanting to do so, which does not necessarily mean a privacy violation.

  For example, you may be included in a video posted by someone else, and therefore want to download Stories.  Or maybe you want to repurpose a colleague's content for commercial purposes.

  How to download your own stories:

  Photos and videos posted to your story stay active for up to 24 hours.  After that they disappear.  You can access them from your archive and even choose to permanently display items marked as "featured" on your profile page.

  Only you can see your archived stories after they're gone.

  You should keep in mind that if you delete a photo or video from your story before it is gone, it will not be saved to your archive.

  You can also save your content to your phone's photo library, either by saving each photo or video independently or by downloading the entire story as a single video.

  single clip case

  If you want to save an individual clip from your day's stories, here's what to do:

      Open your own story by clicking on the "Your Story" icon in the upper left corner of your feed.

      While your story is open, click on the three little dots in the bottom right corner that says "More".

      Click Save, then click Save Video.

      Your clip will be saved to your camera roll/photos.

  My Stories and the Last 24 Hours: Tips

  If you want to download entire Instagram stories from the last 24 hours, this is what you should do:

      Open your story by clicking on the "Your Story" icon in the upper left corner of your feed.

      While your story is open, click on the three little dots in the bottom right corner that says "More"

      Press "Save" and then press "Save Story"

  Wait for the video to be processed.  It should now be in your audio folder