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Remove and uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 10

 Remove and uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 10


Remove and uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 10

  For more than three decades, Internet Explorer has been the original browser for the Windows operating system.  There was a time when it was the most widely used browser in the world, but those years of glory are remembered only by warriors.

  Microsoft itself now denies that the block of code did not evolve at the same rate of time and recommends that it not be used because it does not provide satisfactory results.

  However, since it's built into Windows 10, this browser is on your PC, even though it's Microsoft Edge that finally puts its face in the Start menu.  We show you how to remove and uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 10.

  How to remove and uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 10:


  The first option we show you is to disable Internet Explorer so that the system or programs cannot use it to execute embedded links in applications that do not respect the browser you created as the default browser.

  To do this, you just have to press the Windows key and start typing add or remove programs.  Before you finish typing it, the option will appear at the top.

  Access this section from the Settings panel, and in the right column, click the Programs and Features link.  Then a new window will open with the traditional interface that allows you to uninstall programs in previous versions of Windows.

  However, our goal in this step is to disable it, not uninstall it completely.  For this reason, click on the Turn Windows features on or off option that appears in the right panel of that window.

  This will activate a new window that lists Windows features.  Look in it for the entry Internet Explorer 11 and uncheck the box to the left of it.  A warning will appear warning that disabling it may affect other programs, indicating those that do not respect the default browser you created.  Click Yes to confirm that Internet Explorer is disabled.

  Finally, just click OK to apply the changes and restart your computer to complete the process.

  Disable Internet Explorer from Command Prompt

  We just saw a process to disable Internet Explorer, you had to go through a series of windows and links jumping from one option to another until you reached your end goal.

  However, everything is much simpler and more straightforward if you do it by typing a few commands in the Command Prompt terminal.

  This is as simple as pressing the Windows + X key combination and in the menu that appears, choose the Command Prompt (Administrator) entry.  This will open a new Windows window.

  Then type the following command: disable / online / Disable-Feature / FeatureName: Internet-Explorer-Optional-amd64 and hit Enter to run it.

  The system will display a message indicating that the service is disabled and that you must restart your computer to complete the process.  You will simply have to press the Y key to indicate that you want to restart it and the system will restart disabling Internet Explorer.

  A final goodbye to Internet Explorer

  Perhaps, instead of the "see you later" that disabling Internet Explorer indicates, it's not enough for you and you'd rather uninstall it permanently from your computer, goodbye.

  It is an option that can be done without much complications because the process of permanently uninstalling Internet Explorer from your computer is very similar to doing it with any other program.

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  In fact, for practical purposes, you won't notice the difference since the arrival of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer has been practically limited to internal use between applications.

  Uninstall it by pressing the shortcut formed by Windows key + I to access the Settings panel and enter the Applications section.  Here, in the Applications and Features section, click on the Optional features link which lists many of the applications and features included in Windows.

  How could it be otherwise, here is an entry for Internet Explorer 11. Click on it and hit the uninstall button to get rid once and for all of the legendary browser that failed to adapt to the new era.