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MSI Trident 3 Artic, pc gaming high performance pc

 MSI Trident 3 Artic, pc gaming high performance pc


MSI Trident 3 Artic, pc gaming high performance pc

  MSI Trident 3 Artic is a compact PC that will provide you a great gaming experience thanks to the i7 7700 processor accompanied by a very powerful GTX 1070 which will let you play your games to the fullest and enjoy for a long time.

  The world of PC gaming is currently changing, while some are looking for the most ostentatious concept, either by adding LED lights for example, others are looking for a high-performance computer that takes up little space.  That is the case today, and that is why we are going to tell you about the MSI Trident 3 Artic, a computer that runs like a console and some features that will make you enjoy the latest games with utmost fidelity.

  If we recently told you about the latest MSI events such as the fourth barbecue or the Get On Board project, today we bring you a review of a high-performance product that allows you to play almost any game at 2k 60fps.  One of the great attractions is the cooling system that will help you play in a quiet environment...but let's move on to the important thing, the review!

  We liked the presentation of the MSI Trident 3 Artic very much, a suitcase-shaped cardboard box with several product images along with some descriptions as usual.  It also has a small handle to carry it comfortably, something that some who like to go to LAN parties with their devices will appreciate.  One small attraction of this shape is inside the box, which is that all equipment is well protected by resistant foam rubber.  The first thing we see when we open the box are the bulky adapters like those found in gaming range laptops.  Plus a base to put the computer in an upright position.

  When we raise this area, we find the computer is very well placed on another foam rubber base.  As mentioned, the foam with which you can use the box to transport your devices shows a very good quality, and the first impression when you take out the computer is very good, due to its very light weight and the product is surprisingly small, apart from the fact that the base will allow you to place it vertically, which will improve your setup  .  The overall design is impressive, and the first thing you ask yourself.. what about cooling?  But we will see this later.

  MSI Trident 3 Artic Features:

  *Size 346 x 232 x 72 mm

  *Weight 3.2 kg

  *Intel i7 7700 . processor

  Silent Storm 2 Antipyretic

  *Nvidia GTX 1070 MSI Aero graphics card

  *RAM 2 x 8GB DDR4 2400MHz

 * Storage 240 GB M.2 1 TB Hard Disk

 *HD 5.1 Nahimic sound card Network and Bluetooth connections

 *Wi-Fi Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168Gigabit Ethernet Intel WDI219V

  *External power supply 330W

  *Mysterious RGB Lighting

  * Front connections 1 x USB 3.1 Type C

  *1 x 3.5mm Mic Output

 * 1 x 3.5 mm headphone output

 * 1 x HDMI Out (VR Link)

  * Rear connections 1 x USB 3.1 Type A.

 * 4 x USB 2.0 ports 1 x HDMI in

 * 1 x HDMI output

 * 3 OFC audio jacks

 *1 RJ45 port

 !  Stunning design and size

  At the beginning of the Trident models were all black.  But what interests us today is the latest white model, Artic.  Unlike its counterparts, it comes in a single version with no options for reviews with low-performance devices.  We didn't like this detail too much because it forces you to buy this model if you want it white.

  Its small size is the great incentive for Trident if you don't have much space, and also if you are one of those who want to move their entire PC to a LAN group, it will be easier to carry around.  You can also put it upright or flat, but always keep in mind that hot air is coming out from the back and it is important not to block it to maintain good cooling.  MSI Trident 3 Artic has a rectangular shape with lines that give it a dynamism of touch, covered in matte white and some gray details, as well as the brand logo and next to the RGB feature in one of the corners that we can control through Mystic Light, MSI's lighting control software.  Enough to give a touch of customization but without being anything ostentatious.

  msi trident 3 . articulated package

  On all sides except the front we will find air inlets or outlets, the most important of which are the top (in a flat position) where the graphics card will expel air, and the background is the main outlet for the processor.  The rest will run passively because it doesn't have an air intake fan.  Despite the good concept of this computer, it is not overclocked or we will suffer from thermal throttling, as usual at the front we will find several ports to interact with, and since you are ready for VR, you will also have a front HDMI port to connect your VR glasses.  It is one of the "smallest devices" with this feature that we can find on the market, which makes it very interesting if you are planning to buy it for this.  The rest of the ports are more common.

  On the back you'll find another HDMI VR ready port, along with HDMI, several USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, RJ45 for network connectivity, and some OFC audio jack we didn't expect.  On the other hand, at the graphics card level, you will have two display port outputs, two HDMI and one DVI-D.  Very complete at the level of communication.

  Perhaps the point that we generally liked least on a physical level is the materials, as they are mostly built of plastic.  Perhaps, although somewhat risky, it was interesting to bet on something more modular with more materials geared towards providing good cooling and greater hardware access to the user, especially the hard drive and M.2.

  equipment for years

  The most interesting point of this "mini" computer is the hardware that is installed, due to its small size, we should not expect much.  But it appears that the brand Lucky managed to install a GTX 1070 Aero MSI with 8 GB of VRAM, and a seventh-generation Intel 7700 processor.  We talk about this later.

      We think the GPU has frequencies cut off by a 330W adapter

  On the other hand, the chipset of the motherboard is Intel H110, which will not allow you to overclock, at this point we think it could have been improved since the price of the kit is too high for a low average.  motherboard range.  On the other hand, you will not overclock the processor due to temperatures.

  The i7 7700 operates at a frequency between 3.6GHz and 4.2GHz, so you won't have to worry about it for a long time.  On the other hand, you will have to wait to see the size, behavior and consumption of the next graphic cards if you want to update them.  From now on, it's going to be complicated. On the other hand, at the memory level, you'll have 2 x 8GB of 2400MHz SO-DIMM DDR4 serial RAM, which we don't think you should update.  The processor and motherboard are not compatible with higher frequencies and it is highly unlikely that you will need more than 16GB of RAM unless you are dedicated to a particular job.  At this point, you'll usually see several complaints on the network about the frequency issue, but we suspect it's a major annoyance, and the difference won't be noticeable.

  The storage didn't finish convincing us, because if it were true that the M.2 installation was a very positive point, we would have liked it at least more storage space.  In this device you will have 256 GB of M.2 memory and 1 TB of memory through a 7200 RPM HDD.  For the price at hand, an M.2 with 480GB of memory would have been interesting, and as usual, you'll have Wi-Fi on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, accompanied by a test time of the WTFast application for greater network stability when  Play online.  Besides the Bluetooth 4.2 system, nothing is out of the ordinary.

  Specifications MSI Trident 3 Artic:

 * MSI MS-B9061 motherboard

 * H110 . chipset

  *I7 7700 . processor

  *GTX 1070 MSI Aero graphics card

  *RAM 2 x Hynix (Hyundai) 8GB SO-DIMM DDR4 DDR4-2400 CL17

 * Intel M.2 SSD 600p Series 256GB

 * HDD Travelstar 7k1000 2.5 . HDD

  It should be made clear from the start that this time of year is where we can relax more on this point.  Lower ambient temperatures help us a lot in maintaining greater stability.  We say this because the tests are done in an environment somewhat below 20°C, so it may differ from other sites.

  However, the first thing we want to say is that after running several benchmarks, after passing Sandra sisoftware, and playing The Witcher 3 for over an hour (all in Ultra and Nvidia Hairworks x8), while we scored the start with GeForce Experience, Rivatuner and MSI  Afterburner in the background, the maximum temperature we saw was 84 degrees Celsius.  With an ambient temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius.

      Although the temperatures don't convince us of summer, we don't think you'll have big problems because of it

  It's not a bad temperature, but in the summer it will be a problem, as you will almost certainly suffer from heat suffocation.  What could be fun?  Well, maybe the help is to use a laptop cooling base.  Negative point, perhaps this aspect should have been taken care of a little more.

  Although there are four air inlet and outlet zones in total, its small area and material is definitely the biggest drawback of good cooling.  Although there is no power supply inside, because this is an "external" so to speak.

  We can divide the inputs and outputs into two parts, in the back and on one side you will have passive cooling, because it does not have a fan that makes the air go in directly, and on the other hand you will have the graphics fan card with an air outlet that gives the top and back a second air outlet from the CPU fan  .  The fan model is Power Logic PLB11020B12H.  The fans weren't so rowdy at any point, not even when we put it to an extreme.

  We can't talk about an MSI product without talking about the brand software that you'll find as standard.  This is quite complete, because it takes into account almost all aspects that a gaming PC would need.  In addition, brand software is usually updated.

  From the Gamin Center, you will be able to access all the applications and settings with two profiles depending on whether you are going to play or use the computer for something else.  Being able to choose between various visual effects, audio system, wallpaper or volume all from the EZ .msi trident 3 artic gaming center EZ profile in the utilities, you will see access to many applications to enhance the experience  Play your own games or record from Xsplit for example, or have a better experience with Gaming LAN Manager or Mouse Master among others.  With MysticLight you'll be in control of your PC's RGB system, it has easy access to configuration although this seems a bit redundant and a screen for the system, although we prefer MSI afterburner