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Free Invideo Video Editor


Free Invideo Video Editor

  Not everyone has a video editing course on their resume, and oftentimes it is necessary to edit or create an attractive video for our work, social networks or personal enjoyment.  This is where template video editors come in, and Invideo is a great example in this category.

  We are talking about an editor available at  From there we can click the Create Video button, register on the platform and start working.

  The first thing we see is the possibility to choose between creating a video from scratch (Blanck Canvas), a text-to-video system (text to video) or a set of pre-designed templates (more than 4000 available).

  We have a search engine and the possibility to choose the video format (16:9 square or vertical a la tiktok).  If we search for "book", for example, we will find more than 30 templates that we can use to publish a book on social networks:

  Once we choose the form, we can select the format and start editing:

  As you can see, the editor is very complete, with a timeline at the bottom and the ability to edit components in the same panel.

  The image can be replaced and edited, even with the option to remove the background from it.

  To change it, we just have to click on Upload media and upload our media, then we will drag it to the current image and select the replace option so that it will be changed automatically.

  In this way we can change the rest of the components, modify the texts and change the background, if we want, to get a personalized video with our content, taking advantage of the desired form.

  It is important to note that although our image does not fit into the original space, we can modify it using the option to resize the image, so that it is filled with opaque, transparent or other options and the text can be left visible.

  When we're done, we'll hit Play Scene to check if the animation matches what we're looking for.  In this way, each frame of the template can be edited, so that the video shows the characters or part of the argument that we liked more than the title.

  Once done, we can download the result in 720p for free or 1080p for premium accounts

  Viewing may take a few minutes, and the resulting file is stored on our computer and can be shared directly on some social networks and external platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube.


  If what you want is to convert text to video, you can select the second option, which will display different templates based on the chosen format.

  In the first step, we will have to put the title and the story, and select the option “Automatically choose an image” at the bottom.

  Depending on the keywords, the background image will be one or the other, although it can always be customized.

  The result is displayed in a few seconds, with a different image for the title and story:

  Although there are only two frames in the preview, we can place more without any problems, making the video longer or longer.

  From the beginning

  If we don't want to use templates, we can use the Blank Canva option, thus accessing a clean editor that allows us to include items from the left menu and customize each one with the right menu.

  Logically, this option requires a much longer editing time, but allows for highly customized results, ideal for the most professional and versatile use.

  The free Invideo option allows up to 60 videos per month, of less than 15 minutes in length, and always with a watermark indicating the tool.